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You don't have to worry if your air conditioning gets busted. 4-Seasons provides some of the best replacements in town. This brand has you covered from A/C belt tensioners to radiator fan clutch.
If it's too hot for you, then get out of the kitchen. But when it's too hot inside your car, you don't have that option. Before you can get out of the vehicle, you need to reach your destination. Unfortunately, you have to endure the discomfort of a hot cabin. That's why you shouldn't ignore the cooling system. But don't worry, whether you have a busted A/C compressor or a faulty A/C evaporator, the 4-Seasons company is here to help you.
This manufacturer is the expert in temperature control devices, especially air conditioning part replacements. If you're looking for a replacement to the defective A/C compressor in your car, 4-Seasons can provide you a brand-new and remanufactured A/C compressor. A malfunctioning fan probably needs a new fan clutch; 4-Seasons can also provide it. Not only that, the company produces A/C belt tensioners, A/C evaporators, A/C idler pulleys, and a lot more. With such a wide range of replacement parts available, restoring and maintaining the excellent performance of your air conditioning unit is going to be a breeze.
Many auto owners trust 4-Seasons for their climate control needs. It's not surprising because this company has several years of experience under its belt. It produces most of its temperature control parts in-house using topnotch materials and modern facilities. Rolling, cutting, stamping, and brazing are just some of the processes used to ensure that every product is well-formed for optimum performance. And the process doesn't end there. Assembled products are tested to ensure they are leak-free and highly efficient. 4-Seasons' commitment to quality makes it one of the best manufacturers today. You won't go wrong if you rely on this brand for your cooling system replacements and upgrades.

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  • Choosing the Right 4-Seasons Product, For the Right Job

    All 4-Seasons accessories and auto parts will restore or even improve the performance of your major automotive working systems!

    Every 4-Seasons auto part and accessory is warranted and made to last longer under normal conditions.

    Whether it's for regular maintenance or pulley and switch upgrades, you can find matching replacement 4-Seasons parts here.

    Designed for simple DIY instructions, 4-Seasons auto parts and accessories can help you save a lot of your maintenance money!

    The engine may not be everything you have in your vehicle, but it's still the most important system in terms of total vehicle performance. It has many different auto parts and accessories to keep its four-stroke operation going. To this effect, some parts, especially the small ones, are often neglected. This is usually what happens with your acc. belt idler pulley. Though similar in appearance with the belt tension pulley, you must not mistake the belt idler pulley to your belt tension pulley. One difference is in their location in the drivetrain. The idler is usually nearer the crank pulley, although its function is similar with that of the belt tensioner-to keep the proper tension in the belt and take up any slack. In case you're having troubles with your stock pulley, you definitely need a 4-Seasons acc. belt idler pulley replacement. This comes in various compositions, materials, and sizes according to the make and model of your auto, and you have to make sure that you get the exact 4-Seasons acc belt idler pulley that fits your ride. It comes in a single pack and is equipped with easy-to-understand installation guide. And like any of the 4-Seasons parts, it is also designed for DIY purposes. You only need a 15-millimeter ratchet to loosen your damaged stock pulley, as well as a 15-millimeter socket to bolt on the new 4-Seasons acc belt idler pulley on the same place.

    So what happens if you got a bad acc. belt tension pulley under your hood? Generally, there will be a problem with the belt's operation. You can equate this to lost horsepower, as well as to poor performance of the various parts getting power from the engine, and to more expenditure for maintenance. That's why at the first sign of damage in your belt tensioner pulley, replace it at once with the trusted 4-Seasons acc. belt tension pulley. It's perfectly made for DIYers like you, so you don't have to shell another penny for a hired help. Simply take away your old tensioner pulley via a 15-millimeter ratchet to install the new one. But first, you also have to take away the idler and slide off the serpentine belt. With a 15-millimeter socket, unbolt the pulley located in the center of the system, attached to a silver arm-that's your belt tensioner pulley. Then, attach the new 4-Seasons acc. belt tension pulley. Make sure that you get one that's specifically made to exactly fit your make and model. And in case you're having a bad belt, too, this is the best time to replace it. This will definitely give you a lot of savings on installation. The 4-Seasons acc. belt tension pulley is highly durable; you can expect it to withstand driving pressures and other vehicle conditions. This performance pulley is also widely available in the market, so you can easily find it either over-the-counter or online.

    Your stock a/c low press. switch may not matter to you until it fails and the entire air conditioning system becomes erratic. What really is this switch? It's a small switch mounted on the accumulator or the tank where refrigerant is filled. It protects the compressor by not engaging the clutch when you don't have the right amount of refrigerant in your system. This way, the compressor won't get damaged. If the compressor isn't working, either it's damaged or the switch isn't engaging. You can jump the terminals to engage the clutch. If it engages, then it's time you look at the switch. You can check the switch by testing the refrigerant charge. If you have below 50 psig, you just need to charge the system. And, there's a possibility you're facing a leak somewhere in the a/c. But if you have more than 50 psig and the compressor is off, you have to immediately replace your damaged switch with the 4-Seasons a/c low press. switch to ensure that the compressor will always be protected. You can get the 4-Seasons a/c low press. switch in trusted over-the-counter stores and online shops. And as this is made for DIY, you can save your maintenance money while learning more skills in servicing your own vehicle. The switch comes in a complete pack, equipped with suggested installation instructions. All you need are some important hand tools as well as protective mitts or gloves for your hands.