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4WD Actuator

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The great American outdoors is a great place to test the limits of your vehicle's four wheel drive (4WD) system. Nothing grips rocky or even muddy surfaces like a 4WD system-equipped vehicle.Sadly, all the fun and adventure may end abruptly if the 4WD actuator fails. Basically, it's the part that switches your vehicle into 4WD mode. It's electronically run, so failure may occur sooner or later.Fortunately, replacing the actuator is a pretty simple do-it-yourself process. All you have to do is find a replacement 4WD actuator, and then it's all just nuts and bolts. Make sure you connect the wires correctly and properly. Faulty or incorrect wiring is the most common cause of actuator failure. Moisture and corrosion can be a factor as well.If you often use your car to navigate deep puddles or small bodies of water, you should check on the actuator regularly. In case you need a replacement actuator, you can browse our catalogs at Carparts.

• Switches your car in and out of 4WD mode

• Guaranteed to help you use your car's 4WD feature more easily

• Comes with the hardware and wiring needed for installation