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By definition, damage control is the act of preventing the harm-that's created by an event or action-to grow larger. But how does it exactly relate to your vehicle? Well, to put it simply, damage control also happens inside your rig especially in the exhaust system. As everybody knows that combustion gases are harmful to the environment, the system works hard to make sure that the amount of damage dealt to the atmosphere is minimal. However, this can only be done with exhaust components that are in good working condition. So if you have a couple of parts that are deteriorating, be sure to do your part in preserving Mother Nature by replacing them with top-notch A & B products such as the A & B Header Pipe.

Without a doubt, A & B is one of the leading brands that manufacture high-quality aftermarket exhaust system components for various types of vehicles. This brand has separated itself from the pack by making sure that its products have maximum strength and durability. By doing this, vehicle owners can also ensure that they're capable of providing longer service. But aside from this, the brand also pays attention to fit by customizing its parts to the specifications of several vehicle makes and models. Take the A & B Exhaust Clamp for example. Since it fits well with most exhaust systems, using it to secure the pipes underneath your ride becomes much easier. In fact, you won't even have to make car modifications just to get the job done.

Aside from clamps, A & B has other exhaust devices that are suitable replacements for your factory-installed components. From the A & B Exhaust Pipe to its front catalytic converter, you can rest assure that all of them are made to pass your high standards when it comes to aftermarket products. Plus, to guarantee that you won't have to hire a professional mechanic just to help you install them, each part comes with an easy-installation design that's guaranteed a breeze to DIYers like you.