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Have you recently checked your car's air conditioning system? This may not be as important during colder months... but come summer, your air-conditioning system will be desperately needed. Having a well maintained air-conditioning system is a must for proper ventilation and for your comfort inside your car.

When taking care of your car's air conditioning system, it is important to know its component parts. Among these are the condenser, compressors and drier/accumulator. All of these play an important role in the cooling of your car.

The process of cooling your car happens in a closed loop. It starts with the compressor. The compressor takes in low-pressure refrigerant gas, usually freon gas, from the air-conditioning system's inlet side, which is composed of a evaporator and accumulator or drier. The receiver drier takes all the water and other contaminants out of the air-conditioning system. In the compressor, gas is compressed and converted into a high pressure and high temperature gas. The hot refrigerant is then passed into the condenser, which is a major part of the air-conditioning system's low pressure side, where the refrigerant is again cooled and is passed back to the drier, forming a closed loop.

In order to keep your air-conditioning to be in tip-top shape, it is important to always to keep the system properly maintained. Always have your air-conditioning system inspected by your local AC specialist. If any part is damaged, it has to be immediately repaired. If it needs to be replaced, there are a lot of sources to get from.

A/C Condenser Articles

  • Important Facts You Need to Know About A/C Condenser

    Beat the heat in your cab with new a/c condenser in place of your stock.
    Remember the days when you used to hang your wet clothes at the back of your refrigerator? That's way back when refrigerator condensers were still sticking out behind the refrigerator. They were useful, yes. But do you know what made them warm? It's the refrigerant from the compressor, condensed and warm because of the heat it has collected from inside the refrigerator compartment. That's the same way your automobile air conditioner (A/C) works. It also has an A/C condenser right in front of the radiator of your auto.
    An auto A/C condenser looks like a small radiator. It has fins through which the refrigerant, usually Freon gas, passes for heat dissipation. This heat is absorbed from your vehicle compartment via the evaporator. As soon as the refrigerant enters the top of the condenser, condensation begins. The gas then exits through the condenser bottom as high-pressure liquid. The condenser is usually backed by the engine's cooling fan (among rear-wheel drive vehicles) or electric cooling fans (among front-wheel drive vehicles) to help dissipate heat.
    The A/C condenser is situated right after the compressor and before the receiver dryer. So if you want to check it for inspection or maintenance services, you can easily see it there. Its position in the engine bay makes it easy to be replaced should you find it already erratic or damaged. You can find an aftermarket replacement for this part either in online stores or auto parts shops.

  • A/C Condenser: Just the Facts

    No matter what time of the year it is, a road trip with family or friends can definitely be fun and exciting. But, not so fast! Before you get on the road, you better make sure your vehicle's air conditioning (A/C) system is in good shape.Among the A/C components you shouldn't forget to check is the A/C compressor. Driven by a belt, the A/C compressor is the refrigerant's first stop in the A/C cycle.The compressor draws and pressurizes refrigerant from the evaporator, and pumps the high–pressure refrigerant to the condenser. This refrigerant is what eventually absorbs the heat present in your vehicle's cabin.To extend the service life of the A/C compressor, proper lubrication is recommended. Lubrication minimizes the part's tendency to seize or lock up, guaranteeing more reliable compressor functions.When it's time to replace your vehicle's stock A/C compressor, make sure you shop only at the right store. To ensure that you get the best replacement, trust only Car Parts.

    • Pumps out the refrigerant that absorbs heat and cools your car's cabin

    • Performs seamlessly and lasts longer when well–maintained

    • Requires proper lubrication to avoid locking

  • A/C Condenser: What Every Car Owner Should Know

    Driving comfort does not completely depend on the suspension system. You need to maintain a comfortable temperature inside your car, too. So during the hot days of summer, see to it that your car's cooling system is in perfect shape. Check the various parts of the air-conditioning (A/C) for damage. Pay particular attention to the A/C condenser. Situated right behind the grille and the radiator the A/C condenser plays a crucial role in the A/C process. Through a series of finned tubes, the condenser allows heat to pass from the warm refrigerant to the colder air outside. The hot and compressed refrigerant coming from the compressor goes to the condenser's top surface for cooling. Finally, the gaseous refrigerant condenses and leaves through the bottom of the condenser as a high-pressure liquid. To ensure you get the best A/C condenser replacement, trust Car Parts. Here, you can be sure to get a condenser at much cheaper prices.

    • Perfectly matches your vehicle's stock A/C parts to ensure reliable performance.

    • Performs better than your stock and lasts longer

    • Comes with instructions for easy installation