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For brand-new or rebuilt parts replacements, one brand that's on top is A1 Cardone. Read up for more details about the brand.
When it comes to OEM replacement parts, few brands can provide you the high-quality and extensive selection offered by the world-famous A1 Cardone. With more than 35 years of experience in remanufacturing and improving automotive components and subcomponents, A1 Cardone is the brand to trust in enhancing your vehicle's safety and performance. What makes A1 Cardone one of the most reputable auto parts brands in the automotive industry is the company's reputation for offering low-cost but top-quality remanufactured parts. It also helps that the brand's product list continues to expand, thanks to A1 Cardone's monthly Rapid Release Program. The Rapid Release Program is designed to offer its consumers improved replacement auto parts for the latest vehicle models.
Quality auto components combined with a superb product selection is what makes A1 Cardone one of the leading auto parts providers in the industry today. A1 Cardone offers its customers 45 product lines containing topnotch, remanufactured, aftermarket components. What's more, the brand doesn't just remanufacture old components, it uses reverse engineering to help eliminate the original unit's weak points. What you get after the entire remanufacturing process are parts that perform better than the originals.
Popular vehicle parts sold by A1 Cardone include brake boosters, brake calipers, power steering pumps, CV axle assemblies, and window motors. Before becoming a part of the A1 Cardone product selection, each component is rigorously tested to ensure optimum part durability, safety, and performance. A registered brand of the company Cardone Industries, Inc., A1 Cardone has remanufactured, replacement components and subcomponents grouped under these nine divisions: Electronics, Drivetrain, Brakes, Fuel Systems, Engine, Pumps, Rotating Electrical, Steering, and Motors. So next time you decide to replace any of your vehicle's parts, consider going for components from A1 Cardone.

A1 Cardone Brand Articles

  • Choosing the Right A1 Cardone Product, For the Right Job

    Committed to being the #1 re-manufacturer of replacement parts, A1 Cardone evaluates and reengineers failed parts to make theirs even better than OEM

    A1 Cardone makes over 38 model lines of re-manufactured parts to increase the reliability of just about every system in your vehicle

    All remanufactured parts are triple-tested for quality you can trust even in the most critical applications

    The geometry of structural parts is computer tested as parts and assemblies to guarantee a perfect fit every time

    A1 Cardone is one of the brands of automotive parts sold by Cardone Industries, Inc. The A1 Cardone brand offers remanufactured parts, and is notable for its dependability and affordability. With corporate headquarters in the United States, as well as locations in Canada and Europe, the numerous product lines offered through the A1 Cardone brand of automotive parts are ready available and enjoyed throughout the world. A1 Cardone takes special care in the remanufacture of parts, often going above and beyond the norm to ensure a superior and dependable product. For example, A1 Cardone ABS brake units are manufactured by employees in protective gear in a room that is specially filtered to prevent tiny dirt particles from contaminating the sensitive inner workings. In addition to manufacturing brake parts, A1 Cardone also makes parts for the drive train, steering parts, electronics, pumps and motors. The parts that A1 Cardone manufactures are aggressively tested for quality and durability. A1 Cardone drive train parts, such as axles, are tested electronically for such important factors as straightness and tiny cracks. Motors are carefully tested at A1 Cardone, under circumstances that recreate various driving conditions. A1 Cardone vacuum pumps are specially tested to make sure that each one that leaves A1 Cardone performs at least up to industry standards in terms of capacity and function. A1 Cardone parts are available for a broad range of vehicles and for an amazing assortment of makes and models, dating as far back as 1939. A1 Cardone parts are also available for sports utility vehicles and trucks. A1 Cardone back all parts with not only their word, but also a fine warranty.

    With more than 35 years of experience in the manufacture and distribution of automotive parts, A1 Cardone auto parts have become known internationally, with the Cardone name widely associated with quality and affordability. A1 Cardone auto parts are carefully, beautifully remanufactured parts. With facilities in the United States, Canada and Europe, A1 Cardone auto parts are available for a wide variety of automobiles, as well as for sports utility vehicles and trucks, including four-wheel drive vehicles. They offer standard parts and high performance parts that are trustworthy and durable. They take special care in the remanufacturing of their parts to ensure the customer satisfaction that is the foundation of their worldwide success. Using high-grade materials, such as 100% rubber, is part of that care. Completely taking each unit apart, and renewing all of its parts with attention to detail is another. Sophisticated and complete testing of A1 Cardone auto parts to ensure the highest quality is just one more example of the A1 Cardone commitment to dependability and excellence. Probably one of the most unique facets of the A1 Cardone auto parts remanufacturing method is that they, with their decades of experience, have managed to pinpoint design weaknesses or stress points in certain parts and have taken steps to strengthen these in their remanufacturing. When you combine all of those factors with the convenience of widespread availability, it's hard to beat A1 Cardone auto parts in terms of overall quality and convenience. Furthermore, A1 Cardone offers a warranty that represents the high degree of confidence that they have in their products and their devotion to making sure their customers are satisfied.

    An A1 Cardone caliper is made to be durable, helping to provide many miles of dependable braking. One popular type of A1 Cardone caliper is the Friction Choice caliper. These calipers come complete with all of the hardware that is necessary for installation. And, that does mean everything. You won't be missing a single clip, washer, spring, bolt, pin, or any other piece you need for an A1 Cardone caliper installation on your particular make and model. As the name suggests, with a Friction Choice A1 Cardone caliper, there are variable degrees of friction available, allowing you to make the choice best suited to your individual driving needs and habits. Another favorite A1 Cardone caliper choice is the Bolt-on Ready caliper. These calipers, too, are designed for easy installation, shipped with all necessary parts to put it on and also come with premium pads. Another A1 Cardone caliper that has been attracting attention is the Severe Duty Friction caliper. Also shipped bolt-on ready, with every piece of installation hardware necessary, these come with what are termed extreme-endurance pads. These pads are meant to support the braking needs of emergency vehicles, taxicabs and other vehicles that are on the go and produce an unusual amount of heat and wear and tear. One of the newest A1 Cardone Caliper products is one designed for those interested in high performance parts. The A1 Cardone Custom FX Powder Coated caliper, like any other A1 Cardone caliper, comes with all necessary installation hardware. This caliper model is available in black, yellow or red and has a special powder coating that enhances performance and helps to inhibit the development of rust. Whichever type you choose, an A1 Cardone caliper is designed to be something special.