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If there's one important lesson that everyone should learn from the movie Forrest Gump, it's that life is like a box of chocolates-since you never know what you will get, you must always be ready for whatever life throws at you. Believer it or not, this line of thinking can save you from a very difficult situation while you're on the road. Picture this: if something suddenly went wrong with your rig and you got stuck in the middle of nowhere feeling absolutely helpless, do you think that it would be the same scenario if you're prepared for this kind of situation? Now, AAA is a brand that can help you get equipped for such tricky circumstances. In fact, with its AAA Emergency Road Kit, you can be confident that you can handle this problem without breaking a sweat.

Basically, the emergency road kit from AAA is a collection of handy items that you can use to ensure your safety while you're on the road. It includes a double-sided bag, emergency car care guide, membership brochure, one 10-feet 8 gauge booster cables, one multi-function tool, one 250 psi air compressor with gauge, one emergency whistle, three piece warm fleece set, with cap, gloves and scarf, one digital tire gauge, one emergency warning triangle, one 2 LED hand-crank flashlight, one Phillips screwdriver, one pair cotton gloves with dimples, one emergency poncho, one flat head screwdriver, one roll duct tape, two bungee cords, two shop cloths, 10 cable ties, and 45 pieces of first aid. With such an array of tools and other helpful items, rest assured that you can do things yourself instead of waiting for help to arrive.

But aside from having a complete package, AAA also makes durability a top priority. That said you can expect this kit to stay reliable even if you don't use it very often. Additionally, since the bag where all the items are stored is designed small and compact, finding a safe place where you can hide it is definitely going to be easy. Lastly, the components in this kit are kept organized to guarantee that you won't mix up everything.