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AC Bracket

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For all the cooling comfort you get from your vehicle's air-conditioning (A/C) system, don't you agree it's only right for the system to get support and protection? One of the easiest ways to make sure A/C parts get those is to install an A/C bracket.The A/C bracket is helpful in supporting A/C parts and the connections between them. By holding A/C parts in position, the bracket ensures that coolant safely moves through the A/C system.The bracket also prevents engine vibrations from displacing various A/C parts. So if you want to keep enjoying your vehicle's air-conditioning system, better equip it with an A/C bracket.Carparts can help you get the perfect bracket for your vehicle's A/C system. Simply place an order through our catalogs and rest assured that we have you covered!

• Used to hold A/C parts in place

• Protects the A/C system from excessive vibrations

• Made from durable, long-lasting material