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Speaker by AC Delco

What the AC Delco Speaker Has to Offer

Boasting of high-quality materials, careful construction, and an easy installation, the AC Delco speaker promises to be a topnotch replacement for your vehicle's blown speaker. But with such a wide choice of car speaker replacements, how well does this particular product actually perform? To help you with your options, check out the ratings below to see how the AC Delco speaker fared in terms of sound quality, ease of installation, and value for money:

How good does it sound? (4.5/5 stars)

If all you want I to restore your vehicle's factory sound system, then the AC Delco is the perfect choice for you. After replacing the blown speaker on a Pontiac Grand Am GT with this product, the car's sound system was definitely given a huge boost. This product gave a crisp, clean sound that was very close, if not identical, to the Grand Am's stock Monsoon sound system. With such a powerful bass and a clear treble, this product definitely deserves a solid rating of 4.5 stars.

How easy is it to set up? (5/5 stars)

When it comes to installation, nothing could be easier than setting up this direct-fit replacement speaker. With all the brackets already fitted, fixing up the Grand Am's sound system with this product took only about ten minutes or less. Because of the fuss-free installation that required no special tools, a very small amount of time, and only minimal skill with DIY car projects, the AC Delco speaker easily gets a perfect five out of five rating.

Is this product worth its price tag? (4/5 stars)

The products performance and its hassle-free installation earns the AC Delco speaker a nice rating of four out of five stars. Some might say that for the price of this product, you can already get a better aftermarket sound system setup. However, when it comes to just getting that smooth factory sound, then there is not much flaw that can be found in this product. With a solid construction and even more solid performance, this product will definitely give you great value for your money.

Overall rating: 4.5/5

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