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AC Evaporator

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The heat is on. Heavy traffic on a hot summer day is the worst time for your car's air conditioning (A/C) system to run low on refrigerant. You'll be sweating like a pig while crawling through those congested streets.There are only a few reasons as to why refrigerant in the A/C system runs low, but only one cause can be very hard to detect - an A/C evaporator leak. This problem is not easy to diagnose because the evaporator is hidden under the dash. The evaporator's main job is to carry cold refrigerant in its tubes, like a radiator, and absorb heat from air being blown against it by the A/C blower fan.The trouble is if the A/C evaporator leaks, cold refrigerant easily seep out of its tubes. Even if you charge the refrigerant, it won't be long before it disappears again. If you suspect a leak in the evaporator, have an A/C mechanic test it immediately.If you need a replacement, you'll find replacement A/C evaporators at Carparts.

• Leak-tested using helium mass spectrometer for extreme reliability

• Provides a direct fit for most stock A/C systems

• Cooling capacity beats stock evaporators