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A spark plug wire's task is no joke. Imagine carrying 50,000 volts multiple times a second under a 200-degree temperature. It is responsible for harnessing tens of thousands of volts and delivering this juice to the spark plugs every time, without fail. A poor-quality spark plug wire can waste your engine's energy by driving the electricity somewhere else. If not replaced on time, your poor spark plug wire can cause engine misfiring, break your spark plug, and give a rough running. A new set of spark plug wires, on the other hand, can restore your car's maximum ignition performance.

With 30 years of experience and expertise, Accel commits to deliver maximum spark energy. Accel Spark Plug Wire increases ignition energy due to lower resistance. Equipped with a High Gloss Silicon Jacket, a Conductive Graphite Coating, a Heavy Gauge Copper-Nickel Alloy Conductor, a Ferrite EM/RFI Suppression Element, and an All Kevlar Stranded Inner Core, it is truly made for the performance enthusiast. Accel spark plug wires are custom-fit and ready to install with an original equipment fit. It's heavy-duty silicone jacketing and low-resistance core is especially made fit for professional racing.

Because we understand the different needs of motorists when it comes to various performance levels, we offer all tiers of Accel Spark Plug Wires. You can choose from the premium-quality OE replacement Accel Spark Plug Wire to those ones used for harsh conditions as racing, or from the wide variety in between these two extremes. So check your spark plug wire now, order from us and get your new set of Accel Spark Plug Wires.

Check out Accel Fuel Injectors and Accel Ignition Parts to complete your demands for a superior ride.

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  • Tips on Buying Accel Ignition, Injectors & Wires

    If you're looking for an extremely high flow rate, maximum filtration and long filter life, the Accel Kool Blue Air Filter is the one you want. The Accel Kool Blue Air Filter has been proven to protect your engine against particles as small as 2.8 microns, and it's washable and reusable. The Accel Kool Blue Air Filter has been rigorously tested and is proven to be superior to paper and foam filters, which quickly show deteriorating performance even when just slightly dirty. If you properly use and maintain an Accel Kool Blue Air Filter, you'll have maximum airflow and increased horsepower for over a million miles. The Accel Kool Blue Air Filter has a one-piece construction to eliminate turbulence while greatly improving airflow. A 5 1/8 inch adapter ensures your Accel Kool Blue Air Filter will fit all popular four-barrel carburetors and the adapter has been designed to help smooth out the air for maximum horsepower gains and better gas mileage for your vehicle.
    An Accel Ignition comes in a variety of systems designed to increase the performance of your stock electronic ignition system. The 250+ Accel Ignition provides a long duration, single spark event of up to 200mj that produces a more sustained burn time and makes your engine more efficient, easier to start and extends its RPM capabilities. Accel's 300+ Ignition System is compact and light, and is built to perform magnificently even in the toughest and most demanding conditions. This Accel Ignition has microprocessor control and a fully encased design that makes it weather resistant.
    Accel Fuel Injectors meet or exceed all OEM specifications, so you know replacing your injectors with Accel Fuel Injectors will give you the power boost you want. These injectors are essential for your vehicle, if you're running a turbo, nitrous, or blower. They supply a lot more fuel than stock injectors, letting your engine burn all the air it's getting. Plus, using Accel Fuel Injectors is much less expensive than spending thousands on new fuel injectors from the factory.
    Accel Spark Plug Wires are available for a huge range of vehicles, so make sure you choose the right ones for your specific needs. Only use spark plug wires designed for street use on your street vehicle, because the racing style Accel Spark Plug Wires don't have RFI shielding, which can ruin your vehicle's computer and electronic ignition system. These spark plug wires provide incredible quality, unparalleled power and long life. The street designs have thick silicon jackets and low-resistance internal cores that will deliver the most power to your engine without sending RFI throughout your system. You can get Accel Spark Plug Wires in either universal or custom sets designed to perfectly work with your vehicle.

  • Choosing the Right Accel Product, For the Right Job

    Accel ignition components are found on performance cars all over the world, and have been for years

    From yellow silicone spark plug wires to cap and rotor combination kits, Accel ignition parts can deliver a hotter spark in your engine

    Adding Accel fuel injectors is the final step in your turbo or nitrous installationgive the system the fuel it needs to do the job right

    An Accel Kool Blue air filter lets your deep-breathing engine absorb all it can and you'll never have to change an air filter again.

    Over time, dust and pollen can do as much damage to your cylinder bores as larger particles. Since most air filters don't filter out items as small as these, they're simply sucked through the filter media right into the intake air. Not so when your car is equipped with an Accel Kool Blue air filter. The Accel Kool Blue air filter is rated to filter out particles as small as 2.8 microns giving exceptional filtration ability over stock paper filters. And the Accel Kool Blue air filter can provide this kind of filtration while still flowing more air than stock too. More air equals more power, so your engine gets more clean air for more horsepower. The secret to the Accel Kool Blue air filter lies in its cotton gauze filter media, which is held in place by epoxy-coated wire mesh. The gauze filter media in the Accel Kool Blue air filter uses dirt particles to enhance its filtration without blocking airflow. Plus it's washable and reusablewith periodic cleaning, the Accel Kool Blue air filter should last as long as your engine. And don't worry about adding an Accel Kool Blue air filter to your new car: The Accel Kool Blue air filter will not void any manufacturers warranties, so you can take advantage of its cleaning ability from day one.

    Accel ignition components have been building power and torque for decades now, which is why more hot rodders use Accel ignition parts than those from any other manufacturer. From recurve kits for mechanical advances to the latest in spark plug wire technology, Accel ignition products run the gamut. Good old American V8 muscle can take advantage of Accel ignition conversion kits, which bring stable HEI-style Accel ignition parts to old breaker point distributors. Or take the next step up and add a digital Accel ignition box to your ridematched with a high-power coil, these Accel ignition upgrades can give hundreds of times the spark energy to your ride as the old breaker point system did. Replacement distributors in cast and billet configurations are available with powerful Accel ignition internals, so you can replace your entire distributor with a high-performance Accel ignition distributor for about the price of a stock rebuild. Oh, and you folks running headers need to check this out: Header spark plugs are one of the innovative new Accel ignition components on the market, and they'll help you gain clearance between your plugs and your header pipes. That allows for clearance between the plug boots and the hot header pipesjust one of the great ideas from the Accel ignition performance parts family!

    You've probably spent considerable time and money supplying more air to your engine. After all, that's what all the tuner magazines have told you is important: air flow, air flow, and more air flow. But there comes a point when you've supplied all the air your engine can usethat's when it's time to step up to the plate with new Accel fuel injectors. We can spend so much time thinking about air intake that we forget fuel has to be added to complete the power-producing process. Accel fuel injectors can supply significant additional fuel over stock injectors letting your engine burn all the air you're feeding it. Accel fuel injectors meet or exceed all OE specifications, so you're getting premium replacement injectors, but the additional capacity from Accel fuel injectors is what makes them such a power booster. Are you running a turbo, blower, or nitrous? New Accel fuel injectors are essential for these applications. Avoiding a lean condition is key to preventing engine damage, and new Accel fuel injectors will pick up where your stock injectors left off. The best thing about Accel fuel injectors is their affordability. You don't have to spend thousands of dollars on new factory fuel injectors when Accel fuel injectors give you better performance for less. So if you're getting into high horsepower territory and your engine seems to be begging for more, consider upgrading to Accel fuel injectors. Extra gas may be just what the doctor ordered.