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Ignition Coil by Accel

Your vehicle contains one or more ignitions coils that are responsible for putting the "spark" in your spark plugs. Ignition coils, such as the Accel E-core, transform 12-volt DC power into the 40-KV electrical charge that is sent to your distributor, and then through your spark plug wires to your spark plugs. Typically, older vehicles have one ignition coil, while modern vehicles may have a separate coil for each spark plug.

Ignition coils feature metal mounts, often aluminum, and usually have an oil-filled core to keep things cool with all the electricity they handle. The E-core is a high-performance ignition coil that makes use of extruded aluminum, which dissipates heat better. Of course, since the Accel E-core is a performance part, you can expect benefits such as a hotter spark, faster response time, and increased spark duration, so that the fuel in your cylinders burns more efficiently.

Since your ignition coils are responsible for the important task of providing spark, it is to be expected that they will be under a great deal of pressure. How do you know when it is time to replace your ignition coils? If your vehicle uses only a single coil, the obvious result of a faulty coil is going to be that your engine simply won't run. For vehicles with multiple E-core coils, the symptoms of a bad coil include decreased fuel economy, sluggish running, hard starting, a lack of power, and a "check engine" light warning.

Replacing your bad ignition coils with the Accel E-core will not only repair these problems, but will also give you better overall engine performance. If your ignition coils are leaking or simply worn out due to normal use, installing E-core coils will improve your miles per gallon, power output, and more.

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Accel Ignition Coil Articles

  • Accel Series: Super Coil

    This coil gives a new definition to the word "spark" as it applies to your ignition system. Your ignition coil is responsible for generating the electricity used by your spark plugs to ignite the fuel-air mixture in your cylinders. This process is made more powerful and efficient by the Super coil.

    The normal voltage for your ignition spark is 12 volts. With an Accel Super coil, that number jumps to tens of thousands of volts, enabling the electricity to jump the spark plug gap and fire without fail, using the hottest possible spark. Consistent firing means a smoother running engine, greater power generation, and increased fuel economy.

    The Super coil is made with heavy-duty windings that prevent loss of performance at any speed, including idle speeds. These features also improve heat transfer and generate more energy. Installing an Accel Super coil gives your engine a great boost, whether you are using an old breaker point system or a newer system.

    No matter what type of vehicle you drive, you will find a Super coil available for your make and model. This proven performance part increases the size of your spark, and you will feel that difference the first time you take your enhanced engine out for a spin. Installing a performance ignition coil in your vehicle is a simple, effective way to get more power and make your driving experience an enjoyable one.