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Spark Plug Wire by Accel

Ignition coils like the Accel 300+ coil are used to provide spark to your spark plugs. Most vehicles make use of one ignition coil, but some have multiple coils. The 300+ coil is basically a transformer that converts 12-volt DC power into electrical voltage. Ignition coils are filled with oil to keep them cool.

Of course, the Accel 300+ coil is essential for starting your vehicle. If you have only one ignition coil, and it is not working, your engine simply won't start. For vehicles with multiple coils, if you lose one of them, some of the symptoms may include hard starting, poor engine performance, a lack of power, and decreased gas mileage. Your "check engine" light will likely come on if you need to replace one of your 300+ coils.

Problems can occur with your Accel 300+ coil if it develops a leak in the oil supply. The ignition coil may also simply wear out over time. You should be able to use a hand-held scanner to detect a bad ignition coil. If you are familiar with them, you may be able to diagnose the problem yourself without a scanner, particularly if your vehicle uses multiple coils.

The 300+ coil is suitable for all vehicle makes and models. It is a high-end aftermarket part intended for higher performance, and can provide your vehicle with a greater starting boost and more engine power due to a hotter spark. Replacing bad ignition coils as they occur helps to keep your engine running smoothly and efficiently.

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Accel Spark Plug Wire Articles

  • Accel Series: 300+

    Accel Spark Plug Wire

    Your spark plug wires are an essential component for your vehicle. Spark plug wires, such as Accel 300+ race wires, convey electrical power from your distributor to your spark plugs, which creates the spark that ignites the fuel-air mixture in your combustion cylinders. These wires carry tens of thousands of volts of electricity at any given time, and are constantly working whenever your engine is running.

    300+ race wires are excellent quality spark plug wires, which is important for you and your engine. If your spark plug wires are not in great shape at all times, your engine is going to experience some problems. Some of the symptoms of bad spark plug wires include rough running, a loss of power, misfires, detonations, lowered fuel efficiency, and fouled spark plugs. These symptoms can occur if there are any cracks in the coating of your Accel 300+ race wires, on the outside or inside, or damage to the wires themselves.

    Since problems with your spark plug wires can be hidden to the eye, it is important to recognize when your spark plug wires need to be replaced. You should check your 300+ race wires periodically for damage, but they should also be changed with every engine tune-up, or whenever you replace your spark plugs. If you notice black carbon tracking on your spark plugs, they should be replaced, along with your spark plug wires.

    You can find a set of Accel 300+ race wires suitable for any vehicle make and model. These high-performance spark plug wires feature a thicker silicon jacket in order to deliver a hotter spark. Performance 300+ race wires also have excellent RF suppression, and will not only help your engine perform better, but can also increase your fuel efficiency.

  • Accel Series: Armor Shield

    Accel Spark Plug Wire

    Keeping your ignition system in good shape means taking care of your spark plug wires. When you have performance wires like Accel Armor Shield wires installed on your vehicle, you can rest assured that your engine is going to put out its best. Your spark plug wires run from your distributor cap to the various spark plugs located in your engine. This means the wires are different lengths, so you have to be sure to install a complete set.

    Armor Shield wires are braided spark plug wires that are available for just about every vehicle make and model. These high performance wires have a Pro Street look and offer maximum efficiency, so that your cylinders are always firing full speed and receiving a hotter spark. Accel Armor Shield wires also look great when paired with braided coolant hoses and fuel lines, so they can really dress up your engine bay.

    Of course, performance counts when it comes to spark plug wires, and that's why Armor Shield wires are a great choice. They are rated for up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit, so the hottest spark is delivered to your cylinders. It takes a lot of use to damage a set of Accel Armor Shield wires, so you don't have to worry about losing performance between engine tune-ups.

    As with all spark plug wires, you should keep an eye on the condition of your Armor Shield wires. Be on the lookout for cracks in the jacket, but keep in mind that you can't always see damage to your spark plug wires just by looking at them. There may be cracks on the underside of the coating, or damage to the wires themselves.

  • Accel Series: Extreme 9000

    Though your spark plug wires may seem almost incidental to your vehicle, there is no doubt their function is essential to your engine. Spark plug wires like Accel Extreme 9000 wires ensure that the spark generated by your ignition coil makes its way safely from your distributor to your spark plugs. Without good spark plug wires, your engine will suffer from symptoms of a weak spark, or no spark at all if the wires are damaged.

    High-performance Extreme 9000 wires work in the same way as stock spark plug wires, but give your engine better performance and are more durable than stock. Heavy duty Accel Extreme 9000 wires are made with high quality stainless steel and fiberglass. They provide a hotter, stronger spark to your plugs, while still maintaining a low operating temperature.

    Checking your Extreme 9000 wires regularly for signs of damage is important. Though they will certainly last longer than average spark plug wires, since there are massive amounts of electricity flowing through them, they will eventually need to be replaced. Look for cracks or surface imperfections, but keep in mind that your Accel Extreme 9000 wires may have hidden damage in the underside of the coating or in the wires themselves.

    If your engine is running rough, misfiring, detonating, or losing power, you may need new spark plug wires. Consider upgrading to Extreme 9000 wires with your next engine tune-up. You will enjoy great performance and long-living wires that stand up to the most extreme operating conditions.

  • Accel Series: Super Stock Spiral

    You know that your spark plug wires are important to your engine's performance. Spark plug wires convey electricity from your distributor to your spark plugs, which creates the spark that ignites the fuel-air mixture in your cylinders to produce power. During the life of your vehicle, you will have to replace your spark plug wires a few times. Accel Super Stock spiral wires are a great choice for your engine.

    Super Stock spiral wires are high performance spark plug wires that are made to look great, last longer, and help your engine run better. They are braided fiberglass wires with stainless steel spark plug terminals that resist corrosion and provide better electrical conductivity. The color-matched wires and spark plug boots look striking under your hood.

    Better performance is the reason many choose to install Accel Super Stock spiral wires. With less resistance and a greater capacity for heat, these performance wires produce a hotter spark that lasts longer. Super Stock spiral wires give your engine a quicker throttle response, reduced emissions, and improved fuel efficiency, which overall generate a smoother running engine.

    The next time your spark plug wires start to show signs of wear, such as hard starting, sluggish running, detonations, misfires, fouled spark plugs, or cracks in the wires, consider replacing them with Accel Super Stock spiral wires. No matter what type of vehicle you own, you will find a set of Super Stock spiral wires with applications for your engine. Performance spark plug wires are a worthwhile installation that can save you money, since they last longer than stock wires.

  • Accel Series: Super Stock

    Keeping your engine running smooth means practicing good maintenance habits. Your spark plug wires are an essential part of your vehicle's ignition system, responsible for the transfer of electricity from your distributor to your spark plugs. Having high quality spark plug wires like Accel Super Stock wires in your engine helps to keep things purring under your hood.

    In order to create power, your engine burns a mixture of fuel and oxygen in your combustion cylinders. The burning process happens continually whenever your engine is running, and is ignited by the spark from your spark plugs. Good fuel efficiency and smooth power generation depends on a hot and consistent spark, and that is what Super Stock wires deliver.

    Accel Super Stock wires feature a copper core and a graphite RFI suppression, as well as heavy duty construction that withstands greater temperatures than regular spark plug wires. This means that not only do Super Stock wires last longer, but they also deliver a hotter spark that lasts longer. When your fuel burns clean and consistently, your engine produces more power.

    In addition, Accel Super Stock wires can improve your miles per gallon, which translates to less money spent in the long run, both at the gas tank and on replacement spark plug wires, since they last longer. There is a set of Super Stock wires to fit your vehicle's year, make and model, including pre-HEI vehicles, because they are made for a universal fit since you can cut and crimp them yourself.

  • Accel Series: Thunder Sport

    You put fuel in your gas tank so that your vehicle can run, but how does that fuel translate into engine power? Your fuel is sent into your combustion cylinders, where it is mixed with oxygen and burned to generate power. Your ignition system is responsible for the fuel burning process, and your spark plug wires are one of the key components of your ignition system. Maximum power and efficiency depends in part on these wires, so it makes sense to use high-quality components like Accel Thunder Sport wires.

    What is the difference between stock spark plug wires and Thunder Sport wires, and why does it matter to your engine? Spark plug wires run from your distributor to your spark plugs, and have to be able to convey tens of thousands of volts of electricity as well as withstand high temperatures. Accel Thunder Sport wires are made to withstand temperatures of up to 550 degrees Fahrenheit, much higher than stock wires.

    Deterioration is a common problem with spark plug wires, and typically you will be required to replace them frequently. Thunder Sport wires are constructed with an inner fiberglass braid and a double-silicon outer sleeve, so they last longer than ordinary wires.

    Finally, your engine will perform better with a longer-burning, hotter spark, which is delivered easily through Accel Thunder Sport wires. The stainless steel terminals fight the effects of corrosion and provide maximum conductivity for smoother performance. No matter what type of vehicle you own, there is a set of Thunder Sport wires that is perfect for your engine.