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Worried about the cargo behind your truck while you're on the roads? Access has the best covers for you/

Access combines your need for a tonneau cover and your want for a good-looking vehicle. Other covers bring you inconvenience and embarrassment when you use them. You don't need to pull and stretch anymore just so an Access Roll-up Cover would fit your truck. And you don't need to spend a lot of your precious minutes clipping a dozen clamps, because Access Covers have an innovative fastening system that will take care of that. You only have to latch a tension clamp at the rear of the truck bed and off you go/

Access Roll-up Covers have velcro flaps that prevent rain and snow from entering at the sides, so your precious belongings are sure to be safe. These covers are proven to be durable and weatherproof. They are engineered to operate in various weather conditions, whether it be wind, rain, snow and hail. The cover itself is made of fabric that is double-coated and UV-protected, so it does not stretch in heat or shrink in the cold. It remains flexible up to -40 degrees, and its low embossed texture resists dust and dirt.

So go all out with your Access Covers: Access Tonneau Cover and Access Roll-up Cover now. For your convenience and your truck's utmost protection, choose an Access Cover now.

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  • Tips on Buying Access Tonneau Cover & Roll Up Cover

    If you're carrying sensitive or lightweight cargo, you need an Access Cover. Made from heavy-duty vinyl attached to the front end of your truck bed, the material on your Access Cover unrolls and latches into a tension clamp at the rear of your truck bed. Velcro flaps ensure rain and snow won't come in the sides and they also eliminate those troublesome snaps you find on many tonneaus. The Access Cover incorporates the bows into the cover material itself, instead of using traditional fixed, metal bows. That way, the bows roll up with your Access Cover and give you easy access to your truck bed when you need it. And, the Access Cover comes in a model that fits nearly every popular truck on the market.
    The Access Tonneau Cover is designed to do away with what you may be used to in a tonneau cover because it offers secure latching and easy use and because the Access Tonneau Cover is permanently fastened to a metal header at the front of your truck bed. The side rails are Velcro-lined along the length of the bed and the metal support bows are attached to the cover itself. When you want to cover your truck bed, all you have to do is simply unroll the Access Tonneau Cover and latch it securely at the tailgate.
    For the best cover for your vehicle, the Access Roll Up Cover is designed with you in mind. It opens easily by releasing an auto-latch and rolling the cover back towards the end of the cab, including the bows and roll-up bar with it. The Access Roll Up Cover is then secured behind the cab with quick-release straps. To close it is simple, too-just unbuckle the quick release straps and roll the cover toward the tailgate, then over-center the roll up tensioning bar into the strike and seal the sides with the reliable hook and loop sealing system.
    An Access Truck Cover will protect your cargo from snow, wind and rain and will also improve the aerodynamics of your pickup because it keeps wind from hitting your tailgate and increases fuel efficiency. Easy to use and effective protection are the watchwords for the Access Truck cover. Its latch mechanism automatically pulls the cover tight, and the metal bows normally fixed to the truck bed are attached to the vinyl of the cover itself, providing added strength. It's also compatible with most of your truck bed accessories, including bed rails, cab spoilers, bed liners and tailgate protectors.

  • Choosing the Right Access Product, For the Right Job

    Let an Access tonneau cover change the way you think about vinyl truck covers by showing you a better way to cover your cargo

    Live a snap-free life with a roll-up Access tonneau, and improve your gas mileage in the process

    No more annoying metal bows, no more wrestling with shrunken material, and no more hating your tonneau when you have an Access roll up cover

    The self-stretching mechanism on an Access tonneau cover is perfect for folks in cold weather climates

    Tonneau covers have always been one of those can't live with em, can't live without em items for truck ownersthat is, until the Access cover came along. See, a tonneau offers invaluable coverage for sensitive or lightweight cargo, improves gas mileage, and just looks good on the back of your truck. But before the Access cover, tonneaus tended to be flimsy, have snaps that rusted, and they shrunk in cold weather making them nearly impossible to close properly. With its innovative fastening mechanism, though, the Access cover has removed all these drawbacks. The Access cover is made from heavy-duty viny that's attached to the front of the truck bed. The material unrolls and latches into a tension clamp at the rear of the truck bed, and the clamp does all the work of stretching the Access cover taut even in cold weather. Velcro flaps prevent rain and snow from entering at the sides and eliminate the troublesome snaps on standard tonneaus. For strength, the Access cover does away with traditional fixed metal bows, instead incorporating the bows into the Access cover material itself. That means they roll up with the Access cover, giving you unimpeded access to the bed when you need it! See what we mean when we say that the Access cover really has revolutionized the tonneau cover market? They're available for nearly all popular trucks, so find out how much easier an Access cover can make your life.

    When it came to soft tonneau covers, you used to be limited to a cheesy snap-down cover that was hard to use and of mediocre quality. The Access tonneau cover has changed everything, however, by offering removable vinyl tonneau cover convenience with the secure latching and ease of use of a hard fiberglass tonneau cover. Instead of snapping down around the perimeter, the Access tonneau cover is permanently fastened to a metal header at the front of the truck bed. Velcro-lined side rails run the length of the bed, and the metal support bows are attached to the vinyl Access tonneau cover itself. When you want to cover your truck bed, you simply unroll the Access tonneau cover and securely latch it at the tailgate. The innovative latch mechanism automatically pulls the Access tonneau cover tight so there's no more wrestling with shrunken vinyl in cold weather. To use your full truck bed, you drop the tailgate, unlatch the Access tonneau cover, and roll it back to the front of the bed where it stows out of the way using straps. Since the bows roll up with the Access tonneau cover, there aren't any metal crossmembers getting in your way. The Access tonneau cover is far more weatherproof than a standard vinyl tonneau, and more secure too since you have to drop the tailgate to gain access to the latch. Simply put, the Access tonneau cover is a better way to keep a lid on your truck bed.

    With its sleek, low-profile design and thick vinyl material, the Access roll up cover is really a new way of looking at the truck tonneau cover. A tonneau is a great concept, offering protection for sensitive cargo in your truck bed while removing to allow larger cargo to be carried. The problem was that the execution was usually poor, with snaps that rusted and thin vinyl that discolored and tore. The Access roll up cover has taken the difficulty and inconvenience out of the truck tonneau, though. By keeping the vinyl cover permanently fastened to the front of the truck bed, the Access roll up cover eliminates the most annoying thing about traditional tonneaus: The snaps. Rather than wrestling with two dozen snaps, you simply unroll the Access roll up cover and latch it in place at the back of the truck bed. Press the Velcro sides into the channels, and you're done. The metal bows that give the Access roll up cover its strength are built right in to the fabric, so you don't have to remove them for large cargo. And the tall side channels give the Access roll up cover much better weather resistance than a standard tonneau. There are no snaps to rust, and the heavyweight vinyl used in the Access roll up cover ensures that it'll continue looking and performing great for years to come. Find out how good a tonneau cover can be: Order an Access roll up cover for your truck today.