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Accessory Belt Tensioner Kit

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Loose belts are not damaged; they simply need an accessory belt tensioner kit to restore their original functions. This kit includes the belt tensioner as well as the necessary hardware needed for its installation.Once its parts are properly applied to your vehicle's faulty belts, the accessory belt tensioner kit helps keep the belts in place. This ensures that the engine can reliably drive your important auto parts and accessories, such as the cooling fan and the water pump.We here Carparts, encourage you to use the kit on your own and consider it a great DIY project. That way, you can save time and effort on taking your vehicle to the mechanic, while also gaining a lot of knowledge about your vehicle.You can find the perfect acc. belt tensioner kit here at our catalogs!

• Helps accessory belts function more reliably

• Easy to use, even for neophytes at DIY vehicle repair

• Comes with all the hardware you need for quick installation