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No matter what you do with your vehicle, there's an ACT Clutch Kit right for you. The street ACT Clutch Kit combines a heavy duty pressure plate with a performance organic disc that has special performance organic friction materials that will withstand increased heat and abuse. This ACT Clutch Kit also has steel-backed linings for high burst strength and modifications engineered for quicker shifting. You'll get a moderate and consistent pedal feel, smooth engagement, more durability and your torque capacity increase to 233 ft. lb. If you want a racing kit, the race ACT Clutch Kit will hold 298 ft. lb. of torque. You can also get metallic ceramic Xtreme Discs in 4 and 6 puck non-dampened hub designed, which allow for quick shifting and provide durability.
The ACT Clutch Disc is also available in street and racing styles. The street ACT Clutch Disc uses a high performance organic compound in the friction layer and a spring center hub, ensuring smooth clutch engagement and incredible durability and heat resistance. Each ACT Clutch Disc is precision machined to ensure you will be able to shift more quickly. The race style ACT Clutch Disc has four or six pads with a copper ceramic friction lining. That gives you harsh engagement, but extremely fast shifting, clamping and great heat resistance. And, unlike non ACT Clutch Discs, this one is a brand new part made from all new components-not remanufactured from used parts.
Your ACT Flywheel is made from high quality, forged Chrome-moly and has an induction hardened integral ring gear to ensure maximum gear life. All ACT Flywheels are CNC machined, Cad designed and computer balanced for the highest quality and precision. The XACT StreetLite and Prolite flywheels are legal for competition when SFI Spec 1.1 is recommended or required. They're also designed for improving engine response and strength at a price you can afford. By machining material away from low stress points, this flywheel will maintain its strength and lower its weight. All the assemblies are fully heat treated for durability and the clutch friction area is OEM thickness.
ACT (Advanced Clutch Technology) specializes in performances clutches and flywheels for sport compacts, domestic and diesel trucks. The company's focus on quality and performance coupled with great customer service means you'll get a product you can depend on. ACT has been a leader in performance clutches and flywheels since 1994.

ACT Brand Articles

  • Choosing the Right ACT Product, For the Right Job

    Your ACT clutch kit incorporates all new parts in the manufacturing processmany other manufacturers use rebuilt parts

    You can lower vehicle weight without sacrificing drivability or durability when you install a lightweight ACT flywheel

    There's an ACT clutch kit for you whether you have a performance street car or an all out race machine

    The ACT clutch disc uses all organic materials since extensive testing has shown these to have better characteristics in performance applications

    Balance and manufacturing tolerances are what sets an ACT clutch kit apart from the pack. Your ACT clutch kit is a rotating assembly, so it should come as no surprise that the parts need to be well balanced to maintain a vibration free drivetrain. Unfortunately, many manufacturers don't balance their assemblies the way every ACT clutch kit is balanced. Smoothness is just part of the story, however. An ACT clutch kit utilizes new components in every step of the process, so you don't end up with remanufactured parts in your new clutch. You can order your ACT clutch kit in a combination of street and Xtreme components, or in all of one or the other, depending upon the levels of harshness you're willing to tolerate and the level of performance you're asking your ACT clutch kit to deal with. Since you get to specify your ACT clutch kit, you get exactly the performance shifting characteristics you'd expect. An ACT clutch kit will last longer, run cooler, and transfer torque more effectively than other performance clutches thanks to thoughtful details like heat treated components and a specially tempered throwout bearing liner. So check out the difference that precision in manufacturing can make: Install an ACT clutch kit on your next performance driveline.

    It would probably horrify you to find out that your expensive performance non ACT clutch disc was actually a remanufactured component, made from used parts. If you don't have an ACT clutch disc in your bellhousing, there's no guarantee you don't have a rebuild. Every ACT clutch disc, however, is a brand new part made from all new components. A street formula ACT clutch disc utilizes a high-performance organic compound in the friction layer along with a spring center hub. The combination of organic lining and spring hub in the street ACT clutch disc ensures you get smooth clutch engagement with exceptional durability and heat resistance. Each ACT clutch disc has been precision machined to help you shift more quickly without jerky take-ups, so you can take your ACT clutch disc on a date or on the track. If smoothness is not your concern, consider an Xtreme ACT clutch disc. This race-style ACT clutch disc features four or six pads with a copper ceramic friction lining. The result is very harsh engagement but extremely fast shifting, clamping, and resistance to heat. The bottom line is that if high performance is your end-all goal, the Xtreme ACT clutch disc is the one for you. If you have to drive in the real world, though, a street ACT clutch disc will have better manners for the daily grind.

    Even performance cars have to have some concessions to the everyday driver. That's why your flywheel is such a power-robbing deviceit needs to be heavy on a street car to ensure smooth shifting. But if you're more concerned about getting power to the ground, a lightweight ACT flywheel is a great upgrade to make. Especially in conjunction with a performance ACT clutch, an ACT flywheel can give you incredibly responsive shifts and tire smoking launches. By machining material away from low stress points, the ACT flywheel maintains strength while lowering weight. All ACT flywheel assemblies are fully heat treated for durability, and the clutch friction area is OE thickness. Similarly, the ring gear is induction hardened for strength on an ACT flywheel, and the entire assembly is fully balanced. All this work ensures that you get snappy throttle response with your ACT flywheel. Two different versions of the ACT flywheel are availablethe ProLite is best for racing applications, while the StreetLite is the ACT flywheel to choose if your car serves commuting duty too. Either way, you'll shorten your shifts and get out of the hole faster when you have an ACT flywheel on the end of your crankshaft.