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Acura is Honda's performance-luxury division. It is the brand name used in the United States for Honda's rebadged sport utility vehicles, family and sports cars since March 1986. The Acura parts and performance standards for luxury cars, starting from the concepts of performance coupes and sedans, to MDX sport utility vehicle, until NSX exotic sports car were crafted from the innovative and perfectionist culture of the Acura division. It boasts cutting edge technology that's further improved by modern equipment and devices developed along the changing vehicle trends. These values have helped the company to capture the trust and respects of its clients and score good sales as well as customer respect.

Acura is identifiable through its major achievements, the firsts and the highlights of creations. It has developed the variable Valve Timing and Lift Electronic Control or simply the VTEC system, one of Acura's firsts. Another highlight is the advanced double-wishbone upper and lower control arm suspension system. There's also the development of advanced safety systems which include dual-stage front passenger air bag, the safety device that features Occupant Position Detection System or OPDS and Vehicle Stability Assist System or VSA®.

Transformations occurred right after the platform was released to the market. The company continued to upgrade and redevelop its technology to end up with more amazing automobiles that would bring extra shine to its name and heritage. As of now, the Acura features varieties of models and trims created to give customers incredible comfort and ride quality. There is the premium mid-size SUV Acura MDX, sporty Acura NSX, midsize Acura RL, performance Acura SRX, midsize Acura CL, premium compact Acura Integra, midsize Acura Legend, and midsize SUV Acura MDX. Each of them is packed with extensive Acura parts created to bring superior quality and performance.

The latest innovation that Acura brought out is the revolutionary SH-AWD or Super Handling All-Wheel Drive, the world's most advanced AWD system. Compared to the traditional AWD systems, it works on making the maneuver and cornering more precise, so as better stability and control. It has the capacity to make variations on the distribution of engine torque between front and rear wheels, and can direct up to hundred percent of the rear torque to the outside wheel in turn. Truly, this one's another achievement that Acura is proud of.
Aside from this remarkable development on the vehicle's auto parts, Acura is also popular for creating the all-aluminum production car first, known as the Acura NSX. This is also the name that first introduced an in-dash satellite-linked navigation system, which is present in the 3.5 Acura RL. Acura division was also the first to develop the assembled cars in the US, wherein the Acura CL and Acura TL belong.

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  • Closer Look at Acura Automobiles

    Acura is a brand well-known for making car technology driver-friendly. Despite its background on motorsports, Acura car parts are not only known for performance, but for simplicity and convenience as well. The brand takes into deep consideration that state-of-the-art technology should be comfortable and convenient to the driver. That is why the brand has installed high-tech equipment in your car such as a Bluetooth hands-free link for your phone, as well as a voice navigation system which makes your driving experience a lot easier.However; to keep your driving experience comfortable, you need to keep your Acura parts in top form. Ranging from Acura Integra parts to TSX performance components, you have a wide variety of replacements to choose from. May it be replacing your headers so you could restore your Acura's engine performance, or changing its cold air intake for fuel efficiency'keeping your vehicle in shape is of prime importance. Also, you could also replace your shock absorbers and springs for a more stable ride and better vehicle maneuverability. And speaking of vehicle control, you can also get performance brake pads and calipers for improved braking capacity.The wellness of Acura parts reflects your driving comfort. After all if you can't maintain the condition of your car, not only would your driving experience be difficult, but you'd have to spend more for repairs. So get the perfect Acura auto parts and make sure your car would drive smoothly and comfortably.