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Acura A/C Condenser

Many people wonder why Acura vehicles looks very much like Honda vehicles. Well, the reason is that they are indeed the same vehicles. The Acura brand is the brand used by Honda to market their higher-end cars and Acura vehicles are basically badge engineered Honda vehicles. So what sets the two brands apart? Acura vehicles are definitely more luxurious, loaded with more features that make every Acura ride extremely comfortable, convenient and pleasurable.

When we talk about "Acura comfort", we can't fail to talk about the Acura air conditioning system. And one of the integral parts of the Acura air conditioning system is the Acura a/c condenser. Acura a/c condensers, just like all the other a/c condenser parts, are guaranteed to perform well so that maximum passenger comfort would be delivered.

The function of the condenser in the vehicle's air conditioning system is fairly easy to explain. The refrigerant, having absorbed much of the heat inside the vehicle compartment, enters the top of the condenser as hot gas. With the aid of the engine fan, the condenser radiates the heat absorbed by the refrigerant and condenses it into liquid. The refrigerant is further transformed into a high-pressure liquid before it is pumped back again to the air conditioning system.

For maintenance and checking purposes, you can easily locate the a/c condenser under the hood of the vehicle, just in front of the radiator (unless otherwise it was transferred for aerodynamic purposes). Just don't mistake the radiator for it, as the two would really look the same; although the radiator would be a bit larger. In rear wheel drive cars, the radiator may (or may not) be cooled by another fan aside from the engine fan. Front wheel drive vehicles, on the other hand, are equipped with two or more auxiliary fans aside from the engine fan.

Acura A/C Condenser Models

  • Closer Look at Acura A/C Condenser

    As the sun passes through the windows of your Acura during the summer, the heat that is generated will not be able to escape from the inside of the vehicle when the windows are closed. Fortunately, the Acura AC condenser will allow you to cool your car in a few minutes. Installed in front of the radiator, the Acura AC condenser performs a similar job. The compressor motor circulates the AC coolant into the interior of the vehicle, where it absorbs heat. As the coolant moves out of the interior, it is transformed into a gas as it passes through the compressor. This gas is pumped into the Acura AC condenser, where the heat is removed from the coolant. As the gas cools, it is returned back to its liquid form, and it exits the unit, to begin the cycle again. Within the Acura AC condenser is a series of thin metal tubes that are responsible for removing the heat from the coolant, and the tubes are covered in a series of fins to increase the cooling efficiency of the part. As the vehicle moves, the air rushing over the Acura AC condenser uses the natural process of convection to perform its duties. Over time, the unit may begin to become less efficient, through the effects of corrosion, as well as accidentally bent cooling fins. When a replacement for the Acura AC condenser is needed, you will find the correct part for a quite reasonable price in our large online catalog. It is designed to be a direct replacement for the original part, and it comes fully guaranteed for quality from the manufacturer. The Acura AC condenser is easily ordered through our convenient web site or through our toll-free phone system at any time.