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Acura Air Filter

As the vehicle is running, any dirt that enters the combustion chamber can cause serious damage to the engine of your Acura. To guard against this possibility, the Acura air filter is installed in the cold air intake, and it is responsible for removing any damaging particles from the incoming air. It does this with a series of paper folds that are specially treated with oil to allow dirt to stick to it, while still allowing adequate airflow. When the Acura air filter becomes clogged, it may not allow the proper amount of air to enter the engine, and when the computer adjusts the fuel to match the reduced amount of air, the vehicle will take a large hit to performance. Fortunately, the Acura air filter is very inexpensive to replace, and it is available from our online catalog, for almost any model Acura. Our Acura air filter replacement is very similar in performance and quality to the original unit, at a much lower price. In addition to the standard Acura air filter replacement, we also carry an upgraded version. This type replaces the paper filtering medium with a cotton material that is stretched over a steel mesh. The advantage to using cotton in the construction of the Acura air filter is that it achieves more efficient filtration in comparison to the standard version, and it allows for greater airflow. This helps to increase your vehicle's performance. To add to the value, this version of the Acura air filter is reusable, unlike the paper version, which will help to save money over the life of the vehicle. Our Acura air filter is very easy to order from our web site or through our easy toll-free phone system, and our quick shipping will have it at your door soon.

Acura Air Filter Models