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Acura Alternator

When you turn the key of your Acura in the morning, the battery allows your vehicle to start, as long as it has a good amount of power left. The part that supplies the battery with the power it needs is the Acura alternator. Anytime the engine is running, this part is working to charge the battery back up, and it powers all of the electric components as well. Using the revolution of the engine through a belt, it uses the forces of electromagnetism to generate electricity. Lining the inside of the Acura alternator case is a set of permanent magnets. In the remaining space left in the center, a steel core is wrapped in copper wires, and this core is rotated by the belt from the engine. As the copper wiring of the Acura alternator travels through the magnetic field, the electrons in the copper wires begin to move. This power is transferred out of the Acura alternator through small pieces of flexible metal that rub on the core, and they are called brushes. Due to the forces of friction, these brushes will eventually wear to the point that they can no longer transmit the electricity. Fortunately, the Acura alternator has three individual circuits, so the unit may continue to function at a reduced capacity, if one of these circuits fails. The remaining two circuits will not take long to stop functioning, however, and it will then be necessary to replace the Acura alternator. Our online catalog will have the perfect model for almost any Acura, typically at a much lower price than what the dealership would charge. We offer our secure web site, as well as a handy toll-free phone system, from which to order your new Acura alternator, and with our fast shipping, it will arrive soon.