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Acura Antenna

The radio in your Acura can be an important source of information for news, weather, and traffic reports. Receiving these broadcasts, however, it not possible without the Acura antenna. It is directly responsible for capturing the radio waves from the air. Using a large broadcasting antenna, the radio station sends out radio waves in all directions, and if your vehicle is in range, they will strike the Acura antenna. The radio waves have a certain degree of electromagnetic force, which coaxes the electrons within the metal Acura antenna to start moving, duplicating the signal and sending it to the radio. Within the radio, the signal is amplified and transformed back into the speech and music that the human ear can understand. The Acura antenna is very flexible, which means that it will often last the life of the vehicle. There are many instances, however, that a physical impact will either break it off the vehicle, or bend it bad enough that reception is affected. When this happens, you will find the correct Acura antenna for almost every vehicle in our online catalog, at a very good price. It will be a direct replacement for the original unit, and is made to the same high quality standards. If your vehicle originally came equipped with a powered Acura antenna, and the motor has failed, our catalog will also have the proper replacement for most vehicles. The motor is made to match the same specifications as the original unit, so it will last equally as long, and it comes with a full warranty from the manufacturer. Ordering the Acura antenna is very easy, and can be done online with our secure ordering process or through our toll-free phone system, by speaking with one of our friendly associates.