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Acura Axle Assembly

If your Acura is either front-wheel drive or all-wheel drive, there is a special assembly on each wheel that is responsible for transferring the power from the transmission to the front wheels. This part is called the Acura axle assembly, and in order to compensate for the movement of the suspension and the ability of the front wheel to turn, it must have a unique design. The unit includes two constant velocity joints, which allow the power to be transferred to the wheel at the same speed in relation to the transmission, no matter where the wheels happen to be located at the time. This type of joint makes it possible for the Acura axle assembly to be very flexible, while keeping the driveshaft at the proper angle to transfer power at all times. Unlike the universal joint, the design of the constant velocity joint does not allow it to hold its lubrication internally. Instead, the joint is encapsulated in a rubber cover, known as a boot, which both protects it from damage, and holds the necessary lubrication. When this boot ages and cracks, or is ripped by an external force, the lubrication for the Acura axle assembly will be lost, and dirt may be allowed to enter the joint. Without lubrication, any foreign particles within the gears of the joint will begin to eat away at the metal, and soon it will be time to obtain a new Acura axle assembly. Fortunately, our online catalog will have the proper version for almost any Acura, at a much lower price than the dealership's nearly identical part. By using either our easy toll-free phone system, or our secure web ordering system, your Acura axle assembly will be on its way very soon.