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Acura Body Kit

The entry of Honda in the luxury market with the launching of Acura division in March 27, 1986, was not a just big news for consumers but also bold move for Japanese auto makers. The Acura created an entirely new automobile division set to face the giants that once dominated luxury line for a long time. And with Acura to offer a brand new model, an overnight success was quickly experienced by Honda that outsold Mercedes-Benz and BMW. Toyota soon followed with their own version of luxury division, Lexus, but failed to draw much attention of the first year because Acura still on top of the market.

Many innovations also start and consider Acura's first. The NSX becomes the first all-aluminum production car. The Acura 3.5 RL is the first to have the in-dash satellite-linked navigation system. Acura CL coupe in 1996, the TL sedan in 1998 and the MDX in 2000 is also the first luxury import brand to design, engineer and assemble a model in North America. The 2004 TL has the first standard DVD-Audio Surround System and the first standard Bluetooth hands-free phone system. The 2004 MXC is first to use acoustic windshield glass.
The Acura is ever more magnified with Acura body kits the truly gives more definition to the vehicle. Body kit includes ground effects, spoilers, skirts, hood and fender vents, wings & accessories.
Ground effects give the Acura the lowered impression. This includes air dam and side skirts. Ground effects can alter the airflow around the Acura and improve downforce. It can also become a styling accessory. The spoiler is also used as an accessory or used to redirect airflow around the vehicle. The different kinds of spoiler are front spoiler, or air dam, located under the front bumper and rear spoiler or wing, mounts on top of a car's trunklid. Vents are openings that allows airflow into an engine compartment or through other sheetmetal (e.g., for brake cooling). This can be found on hood and fenders that can be included on the Acura body kit. It is more of a styling than functional

These parts of the body kit can be found on Acura body kit. These are available in Acura Integra, Acura Legend, Acura NSX, Acura RL 3.5, Acura RSX, Acura TL, and Acura TSX to fully achieve the exotic look of the Acura.

Acura Body Kit Models