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Acura Brake Pad Set

The brake system of your Acura consists of many different parts, all of which are very important in the process of stopping your vehicle. In the end, the motion of the vehicle is stopped with friction, and this friction is supplied by the Acura brake pads. When the brake pedal is pressed, the vacuum booster multiplies the driver's input, and the force is directed to the master cylinder to build hydraulic pressure. The power is transferred through the brake lines to the caliper, and the caliper forces the Acura brake pads down onto the brake disc. As they bring the vehicle to a stop, the Acura brake pads are slowly ground down on the surface of the brake disc. After a period of several months, the metal wear indicator will begin to make contact with the disc, alerting you to the fact that you will need a new set of Acura brake pads very soon. Our online catalog has several versions in stock for most vehicles. The standard Acura brake pads are very similar to the ones currently on your vehicle, and they will provide similar performance at a great price. If you would like to lengthen the interval until the next installation, or would like to reduce the amount of brake dust produced, there are also upgraded versions available. Using advanced materials in the formulation of the composite, such as metals and ceramics, these Acura brake pads are designed to last much longer, produce less brake dust, resist heat damage, and, finally, produce increased friction for a quicker stop. Whichever Acura brake pads you choose, they can be easily ordered with a toll-free phone call, or through our intuitive and secure online ordering system.