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Acura Cargo Mat

There are many times when it may be necessary to carry dirty, wet, or messy cargo in the back of your Acura. Instead of allowing it to stain your interior, install an Acura cargo liner from our online catalog to help keep your vehicle clean. It is very inexpensive for the level of protection it provides. With the Acura cargo liner, dirty items will never come into direct contact with your carpets, saving the time and energy that would normally be spent removing the dirt afterwards. When it is necessary to carry wet items, the design of the Acura cargo liner provides a safe spot for the dripping water to collect, and it keeps it in place during your travels. It is designed so that it locks into place on the carpet, and with its non-slip cargo surface, your load will be much less likely to move around in the back of the vehicle. This will protect the cargo, as well as the occupants of the vehicle. For most models, the Acura cargo liner is available in a selection of colors, in order to complement the interior color of the vehicle. When the unit becomes dirty, simply remove it, and spray the mess off with a garden hose. Because it is made with heavy-duty rubber, the Acura cargo liner will protect your vehicle for many years without cracking or warping, and it comes with a full warranty from the manufacturer. We have a wide assortment of other products available to repair or customize your Acura, all at great prices. Ordering the Acura cargo liner is very easy, with your choice of using our web-based ordering system, or our toll-free phone system, and with our fast shipping, it will arrive soon.