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Acura Catalytic Converter

Acura Catalytic Converters Elegance, luxuriousness and comfortthese are among the things that set Acura vehicles apart from other vehicle brands. But just like other auto manufacturers, Honda relies on internal combustion engines and gasoline to power their vehicles, making Acura vehicles equally a potential source of air pollution just as other vehicles are. And because of this, high quality Acura catalytic converters would surely be needed in every Acura.

Honda, the manufacturer of Acura vehicles, has achieved a lot in designing more efficient engines. But despite this fact, their engine technology is not yet as perfect as to convert all the fuel being delivered to the engine into pure mechanical energy. Still, some of the fuel is wasted and rather converted into harmful byproducts like carbon monoxide, hydrocarbons, and nitrogen oxides. It is the function of the Acura catalytic converter to convert these harmful substances to less harmful ones before they are emitted to the outside environment.

Catalytic converters, or simply catalysts or "cats", are emission-control products that ensures that the exhausts coming from your car is safe from any harmful substances like hydrocarbons and other harmful byproducts of the engine's combustion process. Most vehicles today, including Acura vehicles, are equipped with three-way catalytic converters. Such converters are equipped with two catalysts, each converting a particular byproduct into a less harmful substance.

One catalyst in modern catalytic converters is the reduction catalyst. This catalyst is often made of platinum and rhodium and induces the reduction of nitrogen oxide into nitrogen and oxygen. The other catalyst is the oxidation catalyst, which is responsible for converting carbon monoxide and other hydrocarbons in to carbon dioxide, which is less harmful to the environment, and water, which is totally harmless. The oxidation catalyst is mainly composed of platinum and palladium.

Acura catalytic converters can greatly reduce the harmful effects of Acura vehicles to the environment. And whether you like them or not, your Acura must be equipped with one as the law requires you to equip them with it. Should your Acura catalytic converter get damaged, you can always find a good replacement of it from any auto parts source.

  • Closer Look at Acura Catalytic Converter

    The process of internal combustion that happens within the engine of your Acura is an inherently inefficient process, which leaves a good portion of the fuel intact to escape with the exhaust. In order to reduce the amount of fuel that is released into the air, the Acura catalytic converter uses a chemical reaction to burn most of the fuel that is left in the exhaust. If the exhaust were allowed to exit the vehicle with the fuel intact, it could cause damage to the environment, and the installation of the Acura catalytic converter is now required by law to avoid this damage. The reaction that occurs within this part is monitored by the computer through the data sent by the oxygen sensor. As the exhaust leaves the Acura catalytic converter, the presence of a large amount of oxygen alerts the computer to the fact that there is also a large amount of pollutants in the gas. Normally, the computer can rectify this situation by changing the amount of fuel, in relation to the air, that is injected into the combustion chamber. When the amount of oxygen in the exhaust is extremely high, however, it is a good indication that the Acura catalytic converter is no longer working correctly. The computer will then alert the driver to the problem by activating a warning light on the dash. In our online catalog, you will find the correct Acura catalytic converter for almost any Acura, at a much lower price than the nearly identical part from the dealership. Ordering the Acura catalytic converter is very easy, thanks to the choice of using our secure web ordering process, or our toll-free phone system.