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Acura CL Parts and Acura CL Accessories

Learn More about the Acura CL

  • CL is an acronym for "Contemporary Luxury". It is classified as a sporty coupe but still offers luxury and comfort to the owners.

  • The first Acura to be built in the US was the CL. It was manufactured at the Honda plant in Marysville, Ohio but was designed in California. This is the same plant where the TL and the Honda Accord (CL's predecessors) were built. The CL was originally on the Accord coupe platform.

  • The CL has been Acura's only mid-sized luxury coupe. Since the pull-out of the CL, the Acura has yet to release another car in the said category.

  • Debuted in 1997, the CL started Acura's system of giving its cars alphanumeric names, save the Acura Integra. For six years (1997 to 2003), Acura sold the CL coupe worldwide.

  • When the CL was introduced, it had four different versions (the 2.x Base, the 2.x Premium, 3.0 Base, and the 3.0 Premium). The Premium models boasted added features like the heated leather seating and the Bose stereo system.

  • Even in its debut, the CL already had the edge over its competitors because it was engineered for performance and handling. The 1997 model had four disc-brakes for premium stopping capabilities and two ventilated front disc brakes for cooling. It was also installed with anti-lock brakes for sudden stops. Comfort-wise, the CL had wishbone front and rear suspension and an independent stabilizer bar with coil springs.

  • Honda's target market for the CL was the empty-nester population, especially for the 2003 model. The company wanted them, who are experiencing life without children, to enjoy or re-enjoy a coupe instead of the SUV or minivans needed for family use.

  • Honda opted to do away with the manual transmission for the 2001 model. The company only built 3,511 models with manual transmission (2,691 without navigation and 820 with navigation). But contrary to the expectations of Acura, there was a greater demand for the vehicle.

  • Between 2000 and 2003, about 31,000 units of the CL were sold.

  • Unlike the US CL, the Canadian CL has a daytime running lights and a windshield washer fluid level sensor equipped.

Acura CL Parts

Acura CL Articles

  • Acura CL: Not the Worst but Maybe Not the Best

    The Acura CL debuted as a coupe for performance but Honda decided to throw in luxury and comfort-giving you the best of both worlds or, in this case, of three worlds. The CL was sold internationally from 1997 to 2003, giving almost everyone a chance to drive it. However, it was not as well-received as Acura would have predicted. Indeed, the CL may not have been the best from the brand but it definitely falls outside the "just-junk-it" category. Some of the factors that pull it down in the list of the most awesome cars are listed below.

    Shifting problems and leaking

    The main concern about the Acura CL is its transmission system. Downshifts, slips, and leaks are observed particularly for the automatic transmission models. This is especially true in the case of the 2001 CL, whose transmission fails usually at around 40,000 miles and causes problems with the shifting. This is generally an effect of debris blocking the transmission fluid's flow caused by excessive wear of the third gear clutch pack. In fact, this problem caused Acura to extend the warranties on the automatic transmission models to 7 years or 100,000 miles, whichever comes first.

    Sudden stops

    Another problem faced by CL drivers is the difficulty to start or restart the engine (after letting it sit for about 20 minutes). Especially true for the 2001 model, the vehicle has the tendency to stall during the cold months. This is caused by a faulty gear in the transmission; the gear tends to overheat and break, causing the transmission to lock. This, then, is what causes the stalls or sudden stops. A recall was ordered by the NHTSA to the second generation models (2001-2003) because the problem was, of course, an accident in the making. A usual remedy done by Acura CL owners is replacing the fuel pressure regulator and powertrain control module.

    Cramped seating

    The CL is a 2x2 in seating so there's not much space to have in front or in the rear. Taller or bulkier passengers would not exactly fancy this sport coupe.