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Acura Control Arm

In order for your Acura to deliver power to the ground efficiently, the tires must always be in contact with the pavement, and this is the job of the suspension system. As your vehicle goes over a bump, the Acura control arm allows the tire to move in relation to the size of the bump, and the springs dampen the jarring effect on the passengers, as well as the rest of the vehicle. Attached to both the frame and the tire, the Acura control arm allows vertical movement of the wheel, and keeps it at the correct angle in relation to the body of the vehicle. Each tire has an upper and lower Acura control arm, each of which is attached to the frame and the wheel with pivot joints. As these joints age, the suspension may loose its ability to properly control the tire, resulting in a less comfortable ride and less efficient control of the vehicle. When an Acura control arm needs to be replaced, you will find the correct one for most models in our online catalog, for each of the possible locations. Our Acura control arm is made to match the specifications of the original part, at a significantly lower price than the cost of a replacement from the dealership. It will fit perfectly and it comes with a full warranty from the manufacturer, ensuring that it will last for many years. Our online catalog also has a full selection of other parts and accessories for your vehicle, all at very low prices. When you are ready to place the order for your new Acura control arm, it can be easily done on our secure web site or through our toll-free phone lines.