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Acura EGR Valve

Many years ago, laws were passed in every state that regulate the amount of harmful pollutants that your Acura can produce. Now, on every vehicle made there is a complex system that is designed to reduce the amount of emissions, and the Acura EGR valve is one of the many components of this system. As the fuel is burned within the engine, the inefficient nature of the internal combustion process leaves a large amount of the fuel intact. If this fuel is released into the air, it can cause many environmental problems. The purpose of the Acura EGR valve is to redirect a portion of the exhaust and with it, the unburned fuel, back into the combustion chamber. If the process works correctly, the amount of pollutants released by the engine is reduced. The Acura EGR valve is powered with vacuum from the engine, and will only operate when the engine has reached the normal operating temperature. At this point, the valve will open and the exhaust will be re-circulated. After many years, the Acura EGR valve may stop functioning correctly and it will be necessary to replace the unit. Fortunately, our online catalog has the perfect replacement for your vehicle, at a much lower price than a similar replacement from the dealership. It is designed to be a direct replacement for the original unit, and it has a full warranty from the manufacturer that ensures it will last for a long time. When you decide to order your new Acura EGR valve, we offer both a toll-free line to order from, as well as our secure online ordering system, protected with up-to-date encryption that will keep your data safe.