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Acura Fog Light

Performance and refinement define the cars from Acura, the luxury division of Honda. All Acura vehicles boast of outstanding driving abilities that would definitely set your spirits high. At the same time, they display quintessential luxurious look that cannot be simply ignored. But what really makes an Acura a stand-out in the performance luxury segment is its perfect combination of extraordinary abilities, looks and safety. Acura ensures every Acura passenger highest safety by using the most advanced engineering and technologies in building its cars.

Acura vehicles feature superior class lighting system that includes Acura fog lights. Many cars do not include fog lights in their list of standard equipments, but Acura does to ensure its passengers safety more than anything else. Although Acura fog lights contribute a lot to its over-all stylish exterior looks, they are specially intended for low visibility driving conditions. Acura fog lights provide low level illumination that helps you cut through heavy fogs, rain and snow, especially in the morning and late in the evening. Other lights in your car provide brighter illumination so they would reflect back to you when used in fog, so you need fog lights to light up the road ahead.

Fog lights are among the many parts in your Acura car that can be customized or replaced. With the great variety of auto parts manufacturers and dealers nowadays, you can do a lot of things to make your car unique. Of course, you would want to drive a car that is like no other on the road or in a parking lot. If your Acura fog lights are a bit old already, you can replace them with new sets of Acura fog lights and make your car sportier and more luxurious. There are fog lights with sensors that automatically light up when they sense it's getting dark. They can be pre-set, too, and can light up simultaneously with other auto lights.

Acura Fog Light Models

  • Closer Look at Acura Fog Light

    During very bad weather, such as fog or intense rain, your Acura's headlights may not provide the clear view of the road that you need. That is why many models have an Acura fog light system installed from the factory. When your headlights shine into fog, they will often reflect back at you, causing problems seeing the road ahead. The headlights produce white light, which is a mixture of many colors of light, and when the light hits the fog, the fog separates the light into its multiple wavelengths, like a prism, reflecting most of it back at you. The Acura fog light, however, produces light only in the yellow wavelength, which is able to cut through the fog and illuminate the road. A working Acura fog light system is a great feature to have, and if your system is not working, our online catalog can help. We have the bulbs necessary to replace burned out bulbs, and if the case of the light is damaged, we carry the OEM-style replacement at a very good price. If your vehicle did not come with a factory-installed Acura fog light system, you can find an aftermarket setup for your vehicle in our catalog, as well. The typical aftermarket Acura fog light system kit installs onto most vehicles very easily, and has all the hardware and wiring required to complete the process in the kit, as well as a clear set of instructions. All of our Acura fog light products are made to meet the highest industry standards, and have a full warranty from the manufacturer. You can order your Acura fog light parts by phone, toll-free, or through our secure web site.