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Acura Integra Hatch Strut

Problems with the Acura Integra Hatch Strut

The Acura Integra is one of the most popular compact luxury sports cars produced by Honda. Voted into numerous best car lists, this vehicle was well received during its run from 1985 up to 2006. Despite its popularity, it still has its share of shortcomings. Folks who own the hatchback version of this vehicle have experienced problems with the hatch struts, making it quite difficult for some people to close or open the hatch. Troubleshooting these struts is quite easy, so check out our short guide to find out how.

Weak hatch struts

Over time, your Acura Integra hatch struts will wear out and the first thing that you'll notice is that the struts themselves couldn't hold the weight of your hatch. At first, your hatch will stay put when opened, but it will slowly sink down after a while. Hatch struts are sealed parts under pressure, so the most common culprit would be leaks in the strut body. Unfortunately, since these parts are sealed in nature, you won't be able to perform any repairs and the best solution would be to simply replace the struts.

An uncommon problem associated with weak struts is when only one side of the struts has gone soft. It is highly recommended that you still replace the hatch struts in pairs, even if only one side is experiencing a problem. The reason behind this is that the other strut will go bad soon anyway, so it's best to have two new struts instead.

Stuck hatch struts

Apart from weak hatch struts, you might encounter a problem that is the exact opposite. Old struts could actually become stuck in place or make opening your hatch quite difficult. Most of the time, this is cause by nicks, scratches, or even rust in the strut rod, which interferes with the part's operation. You could try lubricating the strut rod a little bit so you could open your hatch, but you'll have to replace both struts ASAP. Again, you'd want to buy replacement struts in pairs. To keep this problem from happening again, you'll simply need to keep the strut rods dry and clean to keep rust and debris from interfering with the hatch struts.

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  • Tips on Maintaining Your Acura Integra Hatch Strut

    The Acura Integra, especially the hatchback version, is a very popular compact sports car thanks to its good looks and excellent performance. To keep this vehicle in great shape, you'll need to perform regular maintenance on all of its parts. One of the areas that you'll need to look at would be the hatch struts. You'll have a hard time opening your trunk should they start to wear out, so it's best to keep them working well to avoid any trouble later on. Hatch struts are sealed parts, so you really can't perform any repairs on them and would simply need to replace them once they wear out. Prolong the service life of your Acura Integra hatch struts with these simple tips.

    Keep them dry

    The metal parts of the hatch struts can develop problems if you allow them to get wet, so it's best to keep them dry of wipe them clean after a drizzle or after you wash your car. Although most hatch struts have a rubber tip that automatically "cleans" the strut rod, small drops of water could remain and these could lead to rusting after a while. A quick wipe with a micro fiber cloth should dry them up nicely. Remember to use a clean cloth that wouldn't scratch the strut rod.

    Keep it clean

    Your Acura Integra hatch strut is filled with pressurized inert gas to lift and support your hatch. To lubricate your hatch strut, most devices would have mineral oil inside that is kept in place with a rubber seal. The rubber seal keeps the metal strut rod lubricated so that you can open and close your trunk smoothly. Any dirt or debris that sticks to the strut rod could damage the rubber seal. Dirt could also ruin the polished surface of the strut rod, which in turn can affect the smooth operation of the hatch strut. You could polish the strut rod with a tiny amount of car wax and polish it with a lint-free cloth. Make sure that you completely dry the strut rod before you close your trunk.

    Hatch struts are very simple devices that require little maintenance other than keeping them clean and dry. Since you can't repair them, the next best thing that you could do is to stick to a regular maintenance schedule and help extend their service life, so you won't have to replace them too soon.