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Acura RL Parts and Acura RL Accessories

Six Interesting Firsts from Acura RL

  • 1995 saw a milestone in the automobile transmission system in the form of one of Acura RL parts. This time around, connecting rods were block-forged, resulting in a more efficient engine operation where connecting rod motions are smoother yet more rigid. Connecting rods are the ones responsible for providing fluid movement within the engine and a problem with one rod can cause a lot for an engine.

  • In 1997, Acura RL brought yet another first in automobile technology by offering a satellite-linked navigation system that is installed right into the dashboard. This special feature allows the driver to know his or her exact location with the help of a satellite. Its print advertisement says that the system works "so you'll never lose the directions."

  • In 1999, Acura RL takes pride in being a pioneer in the Dual-Stage Passenger SRS. The airbag system works in varying deployment powers. If the Acura RL experiences a low-speed collision, the airbag inflators in the dashboard will be activated in sequence with less initial force. During high-speed collision, however, these inflators will be triggered at the same time to produce greater impact force to protect the driver and passenger. This system works with the seatbelts which automatically tightens when a collision is detected. The Acura RL was the first automobile to ever possess such system.

  • Another first from Acura RL came in the year 2004 when it introduced a system that brings customer support to a whole new level. The system is a satellite-linked communication feature is one of the Acura RL accessories that allow the owner to directly communicate with Acura offices. This saves a lot of time and effort in troubleshooting and fixing small problems in the car.

  • As many all know, Acura is a subsidiary of the Japanese make Honda. The year 2004 proved how generous a parent Honda is by allowing Acura RL to be the first vehicle to carry Honda's Super Handling - All Wheel Drive (SH-AWD) system. This all-wheel-drive system is equipped with torque-vectoring capabilities for a more efficient drive even on the roughest climates.

  • Acura RL is also the first automobile to have wheels that utilize the Helmholtz resonators in the year 2012. This feature boasts of reducing interior noise and insulating outside noise for over 15 percent. Minimal as it seems but a number of car critics commend this upgrade as it eventually contributes to ride comfort and luxury.

Acura RL Articles

  • Acura RL Problems

    Acura RL has always been in the shadow, enjoying its anonymity. However, despite almost unimpressive features, sales are still amusingly intact and the model still remains in production. However, Acura is currently doing major improvements to the RL. And since the model has not unleashed its full potential yet, there are some common problems in some Acura RL parts that current owners encounter.


    All vehicles in general encounter issues with the suspension system, and Acura RL is no exclusion from that. The common suspension problem with the Acura RL suspension system is the lower ball joints and control arms. Since these parts are always subject to abuse each and every ride, they are prone to corrosion and damage. They are also the ones that support the car body when driving, so worn suspension parts should be replaced immediately.

    In the year 1998, Acura did a recall of the lower ball joints and control arms, replacing these parts for approximately 124,875 units.


    Needless to say, the braking system of Acura RL is a very important component of the vehicle. It is the most important safety feature an automobile can have. Unfortunately, the RL is not immune to problems with the braking system. A common one is with the brake stop switch. This switch often leaks, exposing different internal parts with brake fluids that may contaminate them. This may result in malfunctions of various parts.

    In 2002, Acura made a recall for this particular issue where 25,765 units were affected. The dealers did free cleaning of the internal parts and replaced the brake stop switch with a new and more durable one.

    Fuel system

    The coil wire that can be seen in relay of the fuel pump is not one of the Acura RL accessories. It helps in delivering fuel to the engine body. This particular part has the tendency to break, reducing the power of the fuel pump to the point where it no longer delivers fuel when needed to. The bad thing about it is that the vehicle can stop without any warning if things get worse. This may cause serious road accidents.

    This is precisely why in 2007, Acura made a recall of the coil wire to 166,561 affected units. In this particular recall, Acura dealers inspected the fuel pump and replaced the whole relay if problems were detected.