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Acura RSX Car Bra

Three Common Issues of a Problematic Acura RSX Car Bra

The car bra of your Acura RSX is designed to protect the hood of your car from damage caused by road debris and other harmful environmental factors. However, this component will eventually become the culprit of problems if it's not used properly. If you start to notice that the car bra is doing more harm than good to your car, then you have to do some troubleshooting immediately. Here are some of the common problems you might encounter:

Discolored hood paint

When you notice that the paint on the hood of your car has discolored, it might have been caused by the Acura RSX car bra. However, you have to understand that fading paint is a normal occurrence since it gradually happens over time. A paint that's turning dark, on the other hand, can be a harmful reaction between the sun's UV rays and a car bra that's been attached on the car for too long. The UV rays may have penetrated the car bra and failed to escape, which caused the darkening of the paint.

Damage on the hood's surface

Small chips and scratches on the surface of your car's hood are also other problems you might experience with your Acura RSX car bra. These annoying things usually show up when you put the car bra on the hood of your car immediately without wiping off the dust or dirt first. When these particles mix with water, it will cause more damage on the finish of your car. They can make the area covered by the car bra more prone to rust and discoloration.

Vibration and noise from the front part of your car

If you have attached the Acura RSX car bra on your vehicle but it's not done properly or the bra itself doesn't fit, it might create vibration and noise while you're driving on the road. This effect can be caused by the wind that's hitting the car bra. Instead of protecting your car's hood, the car bra causes added weight because it increases the wind pressure. It may also leave scratches when its plastic fasteners continually hit your car's surface.

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  • Acura RSX Car Bra: Keep It in Good Shape with these Effective Tips

    The car bra of your Acura RSX sedan blocks bug splatters and small debris from the road, and it also keeps the paint of you vehicle from scratches. Since the car bra constantly catches all these impurities, you have to keep it clean before dirt builds up and eventually damages the car bra. Here are some quick and easy tips that can help you maintain your car bra in good shape.

    Remove road debris from the car bra effectively.

    Cleaning your Acura RSX car bra is slightly different from washing your car. Instead of using water with just the normal temperature, you should use warm water to remove road debris effectively. After you've rinsed the car bra, a brush with automotive soap can be used to scrub away all the dirt on the car bra's surface. You should also use warm water to remove the soap and scum bubbles. Remember that the car bra has to be completely dried before installing it on your car. Otherwise, it may cause the presence molds and mildew on the surface of your vehicle.

    Fit the Acura RSX car bra properly.

    Fitting the car bra your Acura RSX is a relatively easy job. However, if it's not done properly, you could risk scratching the body of your sports car. A simple way to do it is by warming the car bra under the sun for 30 minutes. This will expand the material and make it easier to install. You should stretch the car bra across the front of the car and over the grill, so that it will fit properly. You can use both your hands to smoothen out wrinkly spots and to check if some parts of the bra are blocking the headlights. You should also check the fasteners or hooks if they're tightly secured.

    Select the right type cleaning product.

    If you fail to clean your car bra regularly, dirt can accumulate quickly and turn into tough stains on its surface. Instead of using only warm water and automotive soap, you should consider applying a vinyl cleaner. However, before you buy one, you have to select the product that's not silicone based because it could damage the car bra's UV coating.