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Acura RSX Fuel Tank Cap

Knowing the Quick Fix for Usual Chevrolet Prizm Fuel Tank Cap Problems

Although small, your Chevrolet Prizm fuel tank cap can give you different kinds of problems that can result to costly repairs. To help you troubleshoot these issues as early as possible, take note of these problems and tips:

"Check Engine" light

If your Chevy Prizm is equipped with the "check engine" dashboard light, you may experience driving with this dashboard indicator turned on. Initially, this will make you think that something is wrong with the engine of your car, so checking the engine as soon as possible will be your priority. But if you check your engine and find nothing bad, then you may want to check the fuel tank cap next. While unknown to many, the "check engine" light will also illuminate if the fuel tank cap is loose or broken. Inspect the fuel tank cap for any sign of wear, and don't forget to tighten it. In the event that you have brought your car to a repair shop for an engine inspection, ask the mechanic to do a check up on the fuel tank cap also. After all, buying a replacement cap is much cheaper than paying for an engine repair and replacement.

Fuel leakage

The most common problem of the fuel tank cap in all vehicles is fuel leakage. This happens when the cap or the gasket is broken, cracked, or loose. The easiest way to tell whether the fuel in your car is leaking is when you can smell its powerful odor. Once this happens, immediately check your fuel tank cap and replace it or tighten it depending on the situation. It's important that you act right away because there is a huge chance that you will lose large amounts of fuel, especially when it spills while you drive at high speeds.

Decreased mileage

Your Chevy will have decreased mileage if the fuel tank cap is missing or isn't correctly fitted. The fuel can evaporate at a rapid pace and the next thing you know is you're making an unscheduled trip to the nearest gas station. If there is noticeable change in fuel efficiency, then something is definitely not right. And if you leave this matter unattended, you will surely end up spending more on gas refills and possible repairs that are brought upon by fuel leakage to other components.

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  • Extending the Life of Your Chevrolet Prizm Fuel Tank Cap in Three Easy Ways

    The fuel tank cap in your vehicle needs to be regularly checked and cleaned to keep it in good working condition. Although this is just a small part, this deserves the same amount of attention that you give to the rest of your car. To help you properly maintain your Chevrolet Prizm fuel tank cap, follow these tips:

    Cleaning tips

    Remove the cap before cleaning it.

    Never clean the fuel tank cap right above the opening tube of your fuel tank to prevent contaminants from entering the tank and from mixing with fuel. When this happens, your engine block may start to malfunction. That's why it's important that you unscrew the cap first and place it on a flat surface. Don't forget to cover the fuel tank opening too. And it's also advised that you place an old newspaper first on the surface where you're laying the cap on.

    Clean the cap with the petroleum-based lube.

    Spray the surface of your cap with petroleum-based lube to effectively clean it. Make sure to spray over the cap's screwing mechanism to get rid of any buildup there that may stop the cap from smoothly fitting. If you're satisfied with the results, wipe off the remaining lube. Otherwise, continue spraying lube on the cap for better results. Just make sure you don't leave any traces of lube on the cap's plastic material because extended exposure to the lube is harmful for the plastic.

    Coat the surface with a silicone-based spray.

    Protect the fuel tank cap from possible wear and tear by covering it with a silicone-based spray. Make sure that you coat all areas.

    Other reminders

    Keep the cap vent free of any buildup to prevent a fuel tank cap vacuum. Once the vent becomes blocked or clogged, unscrewing the cap will be difficult. That's why it's important that you always allow air to pass through the vents on the fuel tank cap.

    After you've cleaned the fuel tank cap, screw it properly back to its place to prevent it from falling off or cracking. This will also prevent any form of fuel leakage.