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Acura TL Dash Cover

Three Tips to Make Your Acura TL Dash Cover Last Longer

As a luxury sport sedan, your Acura TL offers you a unique ride. And if you want to keep it stylish, you can install interior and exterior accessories that won't just help improve its looks but also do other functions. One of the practical interior accessories that you can add to your ride is an Acura TL dash cover. It protects your dashboard from dirt particles as well as from harmful rays and heat from the sun. Because of its valuable function, you must take care of your Acura TL dash cover like your other car accessories. Here are three helpful tips to keep your dash cover safe and clean:

  • Conduct vacuum and spot cleaning for your dash cover.

The first cleaning procedure that you can do for your dash cover is to vacuum it. By using a vacuum cleaner, you can remove visible dirt particles on the surface. In addition, you can prevent oily leftovers from leaving stains on the cover. If there are tough stains or dirt that cannot be eliminated through vacuum cleaning, you can do the spot-cleaning procedure. By using a soft cloth and a mixture of warm water and mild car soap, you can rub the stain away from the dash cover.

  • Choose the best cleaning material for your dash cover.

If your dash cover is suede, you should simply hand wash it because it is sensitive to bleach and washing machine. On the other hand, use a non-toxic detergent for washing if your dash cover material is polycarpet, velour, or molded. You can also wipe the surface using a soft tissue or cotton fabric.

  • Use sun shade on the windshield.

Although your dash cover shields your dashboard from the harmful UV rays, it can also fade when exposed to too much heat. Thus, you should also provide protection for your dash cover too. Make use of a sun shade if you'll be parking your ride under the sun. This can help in regulating the temperature in your vehicle's interior while deflecting the sunlight away from your vehicle.

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  • Three Tips on How to Install Your Acura TL Dash Cover Efficiently

    Your Acura TL is a mid-size luxury sport sedan that exudes sophistication inside and out. So it's just right that you provide it with extra protection to make its components last. One car accessory that provides protection is your dash cover. Remember that your dashboard is prone to fading and aging because of too much heat from the sun. Luckily, there's the dash cover to do the job of shielding your dashboard against damaging elements. Aside from protection, your Acura TL dash cover also adds up to the stylish look of your dashboard, which improves the look of your ride's interior further. Thus, it is important that you know how to install this accessory properly if you want to make the most of it. The installation process is quite simple, and here are some tips to help you up:

    Tip #1: Ensure that your dashboard is free from dirt.

    Make sure that your dashboard is free from dirt before installing your dash cover in place. Wiping your dashboard is a very crucial installation step as it prevents dirt from damaging your dashboard once the cover is installed. Also, the adhesive of your dash cover adheres better on a clean surface.

    Tip #2: Make sure that your dash cover fits your dashboard perfectly.

    Before you install your dash cover, make sure that it is of the right fit for your dashboard. To do this, place your cover on top of the dashboard and then draw marks where you need to make possible adjustments. Be careful not to damage the cover in the process. If the cover is of perfect fit, there will be no adjustments needed.

    Tip #3: Attach the adhesive of your dash cover firmly.

    Depending on the type of dash cover you get, it can have either adhesive tape, which needs to be cut into at least one-inch strips or silicone that has to be applied around the edges and vent holes of the cover. Find out what type of adhesive comes with your dash cover that you've purchased and know the proper ways to use it. Once your dash cover has been installed in place, apply a little pressure on it to reinforce the adhesive's bond with the dash surface.