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Acura Vigor 2.5 Transmission Mount

How to Tell if Your Acura Vigor 2.5 Transmission Mount is Damaged

It is your Acura Vigor 2.5 transmission mount's job to make sure that the transmission and engine stays in place and does its job properly. Don't wait until the these fall down from under your hood for you to inspect them. Watch out for the following problems and learn how to assess the transmission mount's condition:

Rocking or vibrating on start-up

Since a damaged transmission mount can no longer hold your transmission, it is bound to shake in its place and cause a variety of alarming vibrations. This rocking or shaking sensation usually starts as soon as you turn on the engine. However, you will also feel a quick lurch once the engine is turned off. The shaking varies depending on a car's drive system. Front-wheel drive cars tend to lurch in a back and forth motion, while rear-drive vehicles are bound to rock sideways.

Physically loose engine

If you try to shake the engine with your hand, a little movement is acceptable. But if the engine's movement is too unrestricted and it visibly rocks within the compartment, then your transmission is sitting atop a busted mount. To make sure you're not just overreacting with the amount of movement the space allows, place a tennis ball on top of the air cleaner. If the tennis ball rolls off of the cleaner when shaken, it's about time you replace your Acura Vigor 2.5 transmission mount.

Thumping noise

Another obvious symptom of a busted transmission mount is a hard thump whenever your car accelerates or when it suddenly brakes. Although this type of mount failure isn't dangerous, it is still best to replace the part immediately to avoid broken part or sheared bolts.

Poor handling

Poor handling, creaking door hinges, and cracked strut-tower braces are usually the symptoms of a rigid chassis. This rigidity can come from a number of factors. But one common culprit is a severely damaged transmission mount. Since the weight coming from the transmission is no longer supported by a mount, its heavy structure weighs down on the car's chassis. This in turn causes the chassis to flex and develop misaligned hood and door panels over time.

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  • Tips on Maintaining Your Acura Vigor 2.5 Transmission Mount

    If you've ever wondered what's keeping your transmission afloat in that vast sea of parts under your engine, then it simply means you've never checked the condition of your Acura Vigor 2.5 transmission mount before. Don't over-estimate the durability of a transmission mount. Keep this part in good condition and follow these tips:

    • Clean the mount of oil or any type of solvent.
    • The main reason why mounts break and fail is because they are soaked in oil or some kind of solvent. This weakens the steel mounts and, together with hard driving, eventually damages the part until it is no longer of use. So always make sure that the Acura Vigor 2.5 transmission mount is oil-free by regularly cleaning the parts along with the rest of the engine compartment.
    • Inspect rubber inserts regularly.
    • Most transmission mounts are made of steel to withstand the weight of a transmission. While this kind of material is generally durable and long-lasting, transmission mounts are also fitted with heavy rubber inserts to absorb engine vibrations. Over time, these inserts can become brittle and can crack under extreme pressure. So make sure you physically check the health of these inserts regularly and replace them at the first sign of damage.
    • Check the motor mounts for damage.
    • Transmission and motor mounts are located side by side inside the engine bay. Motor mounts are used to prevent the engine from torquing whenever you step on the gas. If you have damaged motor mounts under the hood of your car, this will put undue stress on the transmission mount. If left unattended, this could cause the failure of your Acura Vigor 2.5 transmission mount.
    • Avoid rough shifting when driving.
    • The shock coming from rough shifting or other off-road applications can also cause breaks and cracks on the mount itself. This is unavoidable if you plan to use your car for hard driving. However, you should also remember that the rougher your drive is, the sooner the transmission mount will fail.