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A.E. Auto Parts is committed to providing nothing but innovative, OEM-fit oil pumps and other auto components in the industry.

With the A.E. Auto Parts oil pump as a replacement to damaged stock pumps, improved pump performance is ensured.

A.E. Auto Parts accessories and replacement parts are designed for DIY applications, helping vehicle owners save and become technically skilled.

For every oil pump restoration or upgrade, there's a durable A.E. Auto Parts oil pump to fit the need.

You need the A.E. Auto Parts oil pump once your auto's stock pump already gives in to the pressures of daily use and abuse. Made exactly to meet your make's and model's specifications, this pump can restore and even improve your stock performance parts as it performs its functions. Oil pumps are important in the operation of every working part in your auto because these pumps circulate the oil that makes each part function well. With a reliable oil pump like the A.E. Auto Parts oil pump, oil circulation becomes more efficient. It's engineered to hoard just enough oil each time the engine is started to protect all working parts under the hood against unwanted heat that can imperil them after sometime. This-well designed pump is also equipped with a mesh at the inlet to sieve unwanted elements like metal from the oil. This mesh maintains the cleanliness of the oil during every circulation, making it as safe as possible all throughout its use. Without this mesh, the oil can carry unwanted elements which may get stuck on some parts and cause different problems. But with longer-lasting clean oil, these parts are safe and you can save more on your maintenance money for oil and other regular services. The A.E. Auto Parts oil pump also works well with your auto's stock parts, so you don't have to fret regarding modifications when you mount the said part.