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In the air intake manufacturing industry, AEM has already made a name for itself for being one of the best aftermarket air intake manufacturers during the '90s. Today, AEM has come up with better and more innovative intake systems for their faithful clients.

These systems are offered for a wide variety of vehicle models. And all of these are engineered to produce only the quality performance that can totally lower the temperature of the air inhaled by the vehicle - increasing the power of your internal combustion engine with the specialized routing and duct configuration. AEM's systems also increase your vehicle's appeal by transforming your vehicle's engine bay and by producing an attractive intake noise. Among these are Short Ram AEM Intakes, V2 AEM Intakes, AEM Cold Air Intakes and Brute Force AEM Intakes. Short Ram AEM Intakes and V2 AEM are quality metal intakes that can really increase engine power and air volume intake without the much noise. AEM Cold Air Intakes cab be lavishly located outside the engine bay to promote exceptional air flow. Brute Force AEM are especially-made models to cool down huge and power engines. All of these models are available for all types of vehicular models.

Whatever car model you have, as long as you want to experience the best performance for your vehicle, trust only the name that has proven itself time and again. Trust AEM.

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  • Tips on Buying AEM Air Intake, V2 Intake, Air Filter & Recharge Kit

    Do you want to eliminate the hassle of re-oiling after cleaning? The AEM cold air intake with its Dryflow Synthetic filter has been independently tested and has been proven to have better filtration and dust trapping capabilities than any other aftermarket cold air intake filter being sold today. 98.6% of airborne dust is filtered by AEM's non-woven polyester element filters. It also filters down to one micron of particulate. This means your car will have improved efficiency, longer engine life, with no degradation in engine power.
    AEM's cold air intake filters can withstand almost unlimited cleanings without degrading the filtration efficiency. Not only that, they are easy to clean. The Dryflow synthetic media resists water absorption so there is less drying time. In addition, since you don't have to oil AEM's Dryflow filter, the cleaning time is cut by about 90%. AEM intakes may require more cleaning intervals, depending on your driving conditions because of the superior fine dust filtering efficiency of the Dryflow Synthetic filter.
    The AEM Dryflow Synthetic filter looks different than traditional filters also. Instead of a mesh screen to hold the pleat forms that can be damaged easily and look unsightly, AEM reinforces the element with a lightweight mineral-reinforced plastic cage. This maintains the structural integrity and eliminates any chance that the filter will collapse from flow demands. It also reduces the filter's overall weight. Even after taking a few bumps, the AEM cold air intake filter will still look and perform like new.
    AEM Brute Force intakes are dyno-tested against the competition and specifically designed for large displacement engines. It's designed to deliver more torque and horsepower than any other intake system on the market today. Do you ever get irritated when your "Check Engine Light" comes on? The AEM Brute Force cold air intake system is engineered to keep the factor Mass Airflow (MAF) sensor calibrations intact so it won't trigger the light. Each intake system is tuned to be application specific to deliver maximum torque and horsepower at any throttle position. The largest power gains for AEM's Titan/Armada Brute Force intake are 17.9 horsepower and 25.0 lbs/ft of torque at 3,750 RPM. This was measured at the wheels on the company's Mustang dynamometer. What are AEM Brute Force cold air intakes made of? They are constructed of CNC, mandrel-bent 6061 aluminum. AEM Brute Force feature reinforced, TIG-welded brackets and fittings for maximum endurance and durability. AEM utilizes an extra large proprietary four-layer cotton-gauze element for superior filtration. It also reduces restriction with compromising its filtering capability. The AEM cold air intakes include a heavy-duty steel heat shield with a powder coated black finish. The complete package for every AEM Brute Force cold air intake system includes a complete hardware kit and installation instructions.

  • Choosing the Right AEM Product, For the Right Job

    AEM intakes are designed to perform first and look good second, so they often feature unconventional design techniques

    AEM has researched intake length, materials, and filtering thoroughly to ensure you get the best performance possible

    You don't have to drive a sport compact to enjoy the benefits of an AEM intakethey're available for trucks, SUVs, and muscle cars too

    An AEM intake installs on your car quickly and easily thanks to the included hardware and complete instructions

    ible, even when it means that the filter is located in the engine compartment. Other companies might route the filter outside the engine bay and actually end up with a less efficient system just so it would appear to be drawing the coldest air possible. But the AEM cold air intake will never sacrifice power for appearance. When you order an AEM cold air intake for your car, truck, van, or SUV, you're getting the configuration that produced the best horsepower and torque gains across the board. So if you want a pretty cold air intake, you have a lot of companies to choose from. But if you want a good looking intake that actually makes your car faster, you want an AEM cold air intake.

    Lots of folks think of AEM intakes as sport compact car parts only. While AEM intakes are definitely available for the widest range of sport compact cars out there, they're not limited to this genre. AEM intakes can be purchased for popular trucks, vans, SUVs, and even muscle cars. No matter what the application, AEM intakes are always engineered to produce power with their routing and duct configuration. That means you might even find a variety of AEM intakes for any given car model. Short ram AEM intakes, V2 AEM intakes, and Brute Force AEM intakes are just a few of the product lines the company produces, and while they all look different and affect different parts of the powerband, one thing is the same: AEM intakes boost power and torque. And AEM intakes do this without affecting your car's emissions gear toothat's good news for those of you living in strict emissions states. AEM intakes are all either 50-state legal or pending exemption, so you can bolt AEM intakes on without worrying about the pollution police. Installation of AEM intakes is a piece of cake, since all hardware and brackets are included in the box along with a great set of instructions to get you on the road fast. And we do mean fastAEM intakes outperform the competition across the board, so you get more performance for your dollar. After all, isn't that what it's all about? And since AEM intakes are available for so many cars and trucks, yours is only a mouse click away.

    Big engines need to take deep breaths, and all too often factory intakes bow to the demands of low noise and tight packaging. The result is that the engine is strangled for air and doesn't make the power it's capable of. An AEM Brute Force intake can solve that problem though by letting huge quantities of fresh, clean air enter your large displacement engine. But it's not just about quantity. An AEM Brute Force system also ingests cooler air than the factory system by locating the air filter as far from hot engine components as possible. The ductwork on the AEM Brute Force intake is specially tuned to ensure the airflow is streamlined and free of detrimental pulses so you end up with a ram air effect from your AEM Brute Force system. Where necessary, the AEM Brute Force comes with heat shields to keep engine heat away from the airstream all the way to the throttle body. Finally, all brackets and fittings are fully welded and CNC cut to ensure perfect fit, and everything you need to install your AEM Brute Force intake is included in the package. So, if high power is what you want from your big motor, you need a high flow AEM Brute Force intake to supply it. Pound for pound and dollar for dollar, there's no better upgrade than an AEM Brute Force intake.

  • Choosing the Right AEM Product, For the Right Job - Part II

    The best basketball players are also excellent facilitators of their respective teams. Aside from creating their own shots, they can also run the offense and make plays for their teammates. In comparison to your vehicle, the intake system can be a facilitator that can keep the engine running efficiently. By allowing large amount of clean air to flow in without restrictions, the combustion process becomes more potent in producing horsepower and torque. However, if the facilitator goes down, and so is the excellent performance of the engine. Now, if you want to restore its good condition, you can get high-quality components like the AEM Air Short Ram Intake made by AEM Air.

    AEM Air is a brand that's dedicated in manufacturing top-notch aftermarket components for several types of vehicles. It has a wide selection of air intake parts and accessories that are guaranteed to dish out excellent performance on a regular basis. Take the AEM Air Cold Air Intake Filter for example. By using the best materials for crafting this product, the brand infuses it with unmatched durability that helps extend its service life. But aside from this, it's also at par with your stock components in terms of performance. That said it can assure you that the intake air that goes inside the combustion chambers is free from harmful airborne particles.

    Fit is another area where the brand displays its expertise. By customizing parts like the AEM Air Air Filter to several vehicle makes and models, you can guarantee that it's a perfect replacement for your rig's stock component. Aside from this, you can also ensure that installing it won't be such a difficult job. All you need are the necessary mounting hardware that comes with the product and the most basic tools that you can find inside your toolbox. Once everything is prepared, you can start rolling your sleeves and get down and dirty in performing your vehicle repairs.