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A new high-performance air intake is the easy route to squeezing in every bit of power out of your engine. With your new purchase of an AFE air intake, you'll gain an instant increase in your engine's horsepower. There will be a noticeable boost to your throttle response and an improved fuel economy.

Your car's engine relies solely to a balanced mixture of fuel and air for combustion. Automakers normally design your car's intake tube with multiply turns and bends for a reduced engine noise. Sad to say, this engine noise reduction causes a limited and warmer air, causing fuel-rich combustion mixtures not to burn and an inefficiency on the maximum power. Thanks to performance intakes, this problem is solved. AFE air intake replaces your stock intake tube with a wider pipe with fewer bends. It gives a higher volume of air flow, filling your combustion chamber with more oxygen molecules for igniting fuel at balanced, efficient mixtures that maximize power.

AFE air intakes are mandrel-bent, a process of bending that doesn't crimp the pipe diameter at the bend. With this, the pipes allow for an easy passage of a cooler, cleaner air that's able to deliver more power. In addition to this, the AFE air intake system uses surgical cotton gauze in all its air filters to tram contaminants while still providing the best possible airflow.

Like a clean lungs, your engine is sure to fire up its performance with AFE air intake on it. So add it to your cart now and give your engine only the safe and balanced fuel and air mixture with AFE air intake system. Check out the AFE Magnum Force Intakes and AFE Air Intake System too to complete your need for optimum performance.

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  • Tips on Buying AFE Air Filter & Intakes

    The aFe air filter can be bought with the standard factory air box still in place. However, the aFe replaces the factory OE air filter with another air filter. This filter is able to allow a large amount of air to flow through, as well as increase its performance. The Magnum Flow High Performance OE replacement filter contains many layers of cotton gauze and is reusable. Due to the way it is designed, the pleats and polyurethane material increase the amount of dust that is held in this filter. It is a popular filter, and you will not need to buy another filter after this one.
    The factory cold air intake tube can also be switched to an aFe cold air intake to improve the flow of air and performance. The baffles, obstructions, and sharp bends contained within the factory intake tube can be compared to little rocks in a stream. The "wake" that each obstruction creates reduces total air flow. The aFe Super Stock cold air intake tube is manufactured with a large cylinder to allow the air to flow in a straight pattern into the body of the throttle or the turbo inlet. There are many benefits to removing the standard factory air filter and intake tube. These benefits include a faster airflow, a greater throttle response time, and a noticeable and improved torque. This system has another benefit: it is easy to put together in less than half an hour.
    The latest filtration technology, called Pro-Guard 7, is aFe's answer to dirt and dust. The Pro-Guard 7 system consists of reusable filters made of cotton gauze covered in oil. There are approximately five layers of cotton gauze in this latest filtration technology. These five layers are responsible for collecting the micro particles of dust as air moves through them. As well, there are two other layers of synthetic based polyester material that is also added to the five layers of cotton gauze. Afterward, the seven layers are then surrounded by another two layers of aluminum wire that has been covered in epoxy. The Pro-Guard 7 is an extremely efficient filter system. It has an accepted SAE standard for efficiency of filtration at 99.5%. Efficiency is important when discussing a filter, as this percentage will reveal the ability of the filter to remove dust and dirt from the vehicle's cold intake. Regular cotton gauze filters have a standard coarse dust efficiency of 99.5%, which is simple for most filters to obtain. The aFe filter has a minimum 99.5% efficiency for fine dust efficiency - it is an understatement to say that it is better. Fine dust is much more of a problem and it should be prevented from entering the turbo diesel engine. Recent tests on the Pro Guard 7 revealed that it has a fine dust filtration percentage greater than 99.5% while a high flow of air was being sent through.
    The aFe Pro-Guard 7 filtration system creates enough flow of air that is comparable to the performance of the cotton gauze filters. This clean, cool flow of flow of air is necessary to have your vehicle's engine performing optimally. The more air that the engine takes in, the higher the engine's torque and horsepower. If the engine is allowed to have more air, this will increase how powerful it will be. As the air in the engine is allowed through without obstruction, the engine will show a rise in its speed. This increased flow of air results in more torque and acceleration. This is obvious when you press the gas pedal. This is most evident when you are driving up a steep incline with the aFe Pro-Guard 7.

  • Choosing the Right AFE Product, For the Right Job

    Deep cotton pleats and a rigid outer mesh make the AFE air filter better able to deliver air to your engine while withstanding tough conditions

    A full AFE intake on your ride can boost power and torque by delivering cooler, denser air to your intake manifold

    The AFE Proguard 7 filter uses seven layers of filter media to deep clean your diesel engine's intake air

    Even when wet, the AFE Proguard 7 filter won't collapse and damage your diesel, unlike lesser paper or cotton air filters

    The concept behind the AFE air filter is pretty simple, really. An AFE air filter uses the same design philosophy used on air-cooled engines. The more fins you have, and the deeper those fins are, the more cooling air you get. In the AFE air filter, the more pleats in the material you have, and the deeper those pleats go, the more intake air you get. It's all about surface area, and the AFE air filter has more surface area for filtration and air intake than the competition. An AFE air filter then incorporates several layers of premium surgical cotton gauze to act as the filter media itself. When oiled, cotton gauze like that used in the AFE air filter is extremely effective at trapping even minute dirt particles and keeping them trapped until the filter is washed. And if a larger object happens to make it to your intake, the AFE air filter has epoxy-coated mesh on both sides of the AFE air filter surface to prevent entry into the intake tract. Finally, the AFE air filter is capped with a pure urethane foam seal that resists underhood heat more effectively. After all, what good is a lifetime filter element if the foam seal breaks down after a few years? Instead, the high-flow AFE air filter is designed to last the life of your car and your engine, and that goal has been kept in mind in the design of every AFE air filter part.

    AFE, or Advanced Flow Engineering, knows that not everyone wants, or can afford, a full-bore AFE cold air intake system. That's why they offer their AFE cold air intake in two different versions for many applications. The Stage 1 AFE cold air intake incorporates the company's advanced high-flow air filter along with a replacement airbox or heat shield, depending upon application. The air filter in every AFE cold air intake features deep pleats of surgical cotton gauze for exceptional filtration and high flow, and is reusable for the life of the car. The Stage 1 AFE cold air intake is a replacement for just the intake section of your vehicle's induction system and will utilize stock plumbing from the airbox to the intake. For the next step in performance, move to the Stage 2 AFE cold air intake. This AFE cold air intake contains all the components of the Stage 1 AFE cold air intake, but also adds a precision-molded intake runner extending all the way to the intake manifold or turbo. The Stage 2 AFE cold air intake gives the most possible power by using non-conductive materials in all the plumbing. That means cooler air, more air flow, and more horsepower to your drive wheels. There are tons of applications available, from sport compact cars to diesel trucks, so see if there's an AFE cold air intake for your vehicle today!

    Are you running a diesel engine in your truck or SUV? You need to take a look at the AFE Proguard 7 air filter. As the name implies, the AFE Proguard 7 filter has seven layers of progressively finer medical cotton gauze making up its filter media. That makes for exceptional filtration even at the high intake pressures experienced by diesel engines. The AFE Proguard 7 filter then sandwiches that filter media between high-strength steel mesh to keep it in place regardless of how much boost your engine seeseven if it gets wet! The AFE Proguard 7 has a durable but flexible polyurethane seal surrounding the filter that ensures you get an airtight seal without having to resort to sealants or other gaskets, and the polyurethane construction of the entire AFE Proguard 7 filter keeps engine heat and environmental pollutants from breaking down your AFE Proguard 7. The end result is that with an AFE Proguard 7 filter installed, you can see improved fuel economy, more power, more torque, and longer engine life, all from an air filter. And since you sign the monthly checks for that truck, you should know that everything you can do to prolong the life of your diesel is money well spent. Invest in an AFE Proguard 7 air filter for your diesel and reap the benefits in both the short term and the long term.