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Cold Air Intake by AFE

If you're looking to improve the performance of your car or truck, one of the best ways to do so is with an improved air intake system. Your engine depends on a steady flow of air in order to function properly - which is why you need to take care of it with a top-of-the-line air intake system from a company that really takes great air flow seriously.

An AFE Magnum Force Stage 1 Intake can be the answer to all your needs. In your AFE Magnum Force Stage 1 Intake, you'll find that you get a kit that will replace the stock air box and the stock air filter - but leaves the stock intake tract in place. Why? Simple. You can get great gains in performance by changing out a restrictive, inefficient stock air box and stock air filter for products engineered for better performance. By leaving the stock intake tube in place, however, you're ensuring a much simpler job when it comes to installation.

Changing the stock intake tube can mean you have to deal with the factory-installed mass airflow sensor - a major hassle if you're not in the mood for a big project. With an AFE Magnum Force Stage 1 Intake, you're sure to get great results when it comes to performance - without tearing your hair out getting the new components to meld with the existing systems in your vehicle.

This intake kit will install easily without major tools, cutting, or changes - making it a great choice for anyone looking for more power.

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AFE Cold Air Intake Articles

  • AFE Series: Magnum Force Stage 2

    AFE Cold Air Intake

    In the land of AFE (Advanced Flow Engineering), the company motto is sometimes said to be "stock sucks" - meaning that the stock parts that come preinstalled on your vehicle are not necessarily the ones that will be the best for power and quality.

    It is for this reason that AFE offers the AFE Magnum Force Stage 2 Intake: this replacement air intake system offers top-of-the-line improvements suited for an automotive enthusiast who never wants to take "no" for an answer and never wants to settle for anything one step less than the best. An AFE Magnum Force Stage 2 Intake will truly garner all the power and torque possible from any engine by taking the air intake system and flow to the highest possible level - meaning that your engine will be provided with a great airflow at all times.

    The AFE Magnum Force Stage 2 Intake replaces the entire stock air induction system - all the way to the throttle body or turbo housing. You'll get the parts you need to replace the stock air box, the stock filter, and the stock intake tract - leaving only the stock electronics to deal with (and your new AFE system is engineered to work with your existing electronics). Expect to gain up to 50 horsepower, increase torque, improve throttle response, attain better acceleration, improve your air flow by as much as 75%, and discover better fuel efficiency.

    With a new air box (that is extra-large to accommodate better flow), a new intake tube (specially engineered to block out engine heat) and a new air filter (that is washable and reusable), you'll be on the road to high-end performance in no time.

  • AFE Series: Super Stock

    AFE Cold Air Intake

    Cold air intake systems represent one of the most beneficial types of performance modification parts available for vehicles today. These components work on the principle that cold air contains more oxygen, and more oxygen equates to more power. Since your vehicle's stock intake plumbing pulls in hot engine bay air, systems like the AFE Super Stock induction system bring in cooler, outside air and increase available power.

    However, most cold air intake systems completely replace the enclosed stock air box, which means a greater amount of engine noise. This is where the Super Stock induction system differs from other systems. Rather than replacing the air box entirely, power is gained by replacing some of the other restrictive elements of your induction system, which means some potential power gain is sacrificed in favor of quieter power increases.

    The AFE Super Stock induction system uses a high-flow performance air filter to increase the amount of air getting to your cylinders. This alone provides a power boost. In addition, the Super Stock induction system replaces the intake tract, so that some cool outside air is fed into your engine, rather than having the entire supply originate from under the hood.

    For those looking for greater power from a quiet engine, the AFE Super Stock induction system is the perfect solution. You will save money as well, since the air filter included with the Super Stock induction system is washable and reusable, making it the last air filter you will ever have to purchase for your vehicle.