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Car air deflectors and car bug shields are car accessories added to your vehicle to protect it from the elements. In the case of air deflectors, these car add-ons are made to protect your car from wind noise or even rain, depending on the air deflectors design and make. On the other hand, bug shields are generally made to prevent bugs from smacking right into your windshield and your car's paint.
Air deflectors which are also called wind deflectors, are generally designed to prevent rushing air to enter your vehicle when certain parts of the car are meant to be open. But because of customization and modern vehicle designs, the air deflector's design was taken to new heights. Some of these were made just to be cosmetic and for restyling. But most of air deflector's designs were improved. They now come in different designs and make - and they also come for different purposes. Some air deflectors are crafted to prevent rain from seeping into your side windows. There is another type of air deflector that functions as a sunroof air deflector which look like a small spoiler that is mounted in front of your sunroof that reduces wind noise and buffeting. This kind of air deflector also keeps your vehicle clean from dust. There are rear window air deflectors that also keep your vehicle dust-free.
Like rear window air deflectors, there are also bug shields that primarily keep your car's windshield and finish clean from insects. When you're driving at night, it's very likely to splatter bugs on windshield. Bug shields prevent this by aerodynamically deflecting bugs off your windshield.

Air Deflector Articles

  • Important Facts You Need to Know About Air Deflector 21 December 2012

    Sometimes, your vehicle's shape or size can get in the way of its performance. Air rushing past your vehicle can create a lot of drag; drag, in turn, can slow your car down.To make sure that drag is reduced as much as possible, equip your vehicle with a couple of air deflectors. An air deflector is a panel that can be useful in redirecting airflow so that air rushes over the vehicle's body, not against it. You can mount these deflectors on your car's hood and rear windshield, to ensure that airflow is properly redirected.These deflectors are often made from high-strength plastic to prevent road debris from dislodging them. Aside from their main function of helping reduce drag on your car, air deflectors can also prevent bug splatters from marring the car's paint job.If you're interested in these accessories, head to our catalogs at Auto Parts Deal. We can offer you the best deals on the air deflector of your choice.

    • Improves your car's aerodynamic features

    • Helps preserve your car's attractive paint job

    • Easy to install and comes with OE fit