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Air filters are your vehicle's first line of defense against dust and particulates that can enter your car's engine system. In cars, there are two kinds of air filters, the combustion air filter and the cabin air filter. Combustion air filters prevent particulate matter from penetrating your engine's combustion chambers while cabin air filters, purify the air that enters your vehicle's ventilation system.
Automotive filters are usually made of different materials such as paper, foam and cotton. Paper filter are generally used for cars because they are inexpensive and disposable. With paper filters, good air flow is sacrificed for better filtration. For performance filtration, foam filters are used because these have a higher retention level and these permit better air intake, like cotton gauze. Foam filters are popular in rallying and other motor sports. Cotton on the other hand, is regarded as the best material for filtration. These can be cleaned and re-oiled to be used again. However, cotton air filters cannot be used at different environments. These cannot be used at dusty deserts and even snowy countries. This is why, paper and foam are better preferred by most motorists.
Air filters play an important role in engine performance and even by in your safety. Always keep your air filters in tip-top shape. If you use disposable filters, always make sure that they are changed on a regular basis. Ad if you utilize foam and any other washable filters, always keep them clean.

Air Filter Articles

  • Air Filter: Just the Facts

    Even the bodies of the world's top athletes, no matter how well-kept they are, need the benefits of breathing. Your car's engine is no different. Your car's engine may be topnotch in performance, but the fact remains that it needs air - lots of it - to be able to run smoothly.And it's not enough that the engine gets a constant supply of air; what your vehicle's powerhouse needs is air that's clean. This is why your vehicle has an air filter. The air filter makes sure that debris such as dust and dirt don't enter the engine block.As small as dirt or dust particles may be, they can damage moving engine parts. The air filter keeps these contaminants out by trapping them in paper filtration material. Over time, though, the filtration material can get clogged.When that happens, the engine receives less air and uses more fuel to produce the needed power to run your car. Stop making things hard for your car's engine. Auto Parts Deal has the best replacement air filter you're ever going to need.

    • Designed with exact-fit features.

    • Gives the engine an unrestricted supply of clean air.

    • Improves engine performance and fuel efficiency.

  • Important Facts You Need to Know About Air Filter

    Clean engine air is always achievable with a well-maintained air filter. Enjoy performance with one.
    Do you know that vehicles are among the two major sources of air pollution, with stationary facilities like factories being the other one? The irony is this: in your own vehicle, you have at least two kinds of air filter to keep pollutants away. Isn't that funny? Your vehicle produces pollution, but it tries to get rid of it.
    You will find one performance air filter in your cold air intake system under the hood, called an internal combustion air filter. The other one is the air conditioner filter (AC filter), also called an automobile cabin filter. Both take away up to 99 percent of bacteria, dust, pollen, and other micro particles, helping the system they are used in to be more efficient. The cold air intake filter sieves the air and traps particles, all while allowing high airflow so that the engine will receive the right amount of air it needs. In the AC, the filter ensures that the air going out from the air vents is clean. This prevents entry of respiratory disease-causing particles inside the cabin.
    There are different materials used in crafting air filter-paper, foam, cotton, and oil bath. Auto filters are usually made from pleated paper, rectangular, and flat, although there are cylindrical filters available as upgrades. These are usually between six and 16 inches in diameter, inserted in a metal or plastic container. When choosing a replacement air filter, just remember to get one that will last for a long time.