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Air Filter Recharge Kit

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Is your vehicle's stock air filter clogged due to overuse? Well, you don't have to throw it away if it is. Get the most out of your vehicle's air filter by using an air filter recharge kit. This kit provides you with an easy way to extend the service life of your vehicle's stock air filter.The air filter recharge kit contains bottles of filter cleaning fluid and filter oil, both of which are formulated to effectively clean dirty air filters. Once the air filter is free from clog-causing particles, it can fulfill its job of making sure the engine receives only clean, pure air.Not all air filter recharge kits are the same though. Therefore, you need to make a choice from our complete line of air filter recharge kits at Carparts. Our products come straight from trusted manufacturers, so you can surely find the best air filter recharge kit for vehicle.

• Effectively cleans a dirty air filter

• Prevents frequent air filter replacement

• Easy and convenient to use