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Air Fuel Ratio Monitor

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Expect fuel economy at its best with an air fuel ratio sensor in your car.
The air-to-fuel ratio is more than just a number. The truth is, it's the key to getting the most out of every gallon of fuel. In short, it's the secret to excellent fuel economy. To measure the air-to-fuel ratio, there is a device called the Air Fuel Ratio Sensor.
The sensor is essentially an oxygen sensor, and it helps increase your fuel mileage. The sensor detects the current amount of oxygen in the air-fuel mixture. A signal is sent to a processing unit and the fuel injector can adjust the amount of fuel accordingly, depending on whether the mixture needs less or more fuel. This way, you can lessen your fuel consumption by providing a leaner stoichiometric ratio and avoiding excessive fuel injection. You save money, while extending the miles of travel. Since the sensor helps make the burning of fuel more efficient, it also helps in reducing your car's emissions.
These functions make the Air Fuel Ratio Sensor an indispensable automotive device. If you ever decide to get a replacement, make sure that you buy from a dependable online store. Everybody wants to get the most out of every trickle of their fuel, so make sure that your ride's sensor is in tiptop shape al the time.