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Air Inject Check Valve

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A 3-Step Guide to Installing Your Air Inject Check Valve

An air inject check valve is a component of a car's air injection system that takes part in letting fluid pass through the valves for a more efficient combustion in the engine. But despite the fact that the check valve is part of a whole assembly, it does not necessarily mean that it will not get damaged as a single component. There are instances when the air injection check valve becomes defective because of constant wear and tear. Some of the most common problems faced by a check valve are corrosion and overexposure to high temperature. And since most check valves work automatically, there is no way for people to address it but through replacement.

Required skill level: Novice

Needed tools and materials:

  • Wrenches
  • Screwdrivers
  • Preparing the vehicle

    Park the vehicle at a spacious area where you can work comfortably. If in case you are replacing an old check valve, make sure that the car temperature has been cooled down before you start the process. The air injection valve is often exposed to extreme heat, and it could be harmful to begin right away when you have just turned off the engine.

    Locating the check valve

    Find the check valve on your car. Since it is part of the air injection system, you may find the check valve on the area where the catalytic converter is also placed. The component is quite small, which means that you would have to look through the system carefully, especially if you are doing this the first time.

    Installing the check valve

    Install the air injection check valve using one of the wrenches that you have. Simply twist the wrenches repeatedly until the valve tightens. See to it that the part is installed properly so it won't be easily removed, especially while the car is moving.

    Checking the working condition

    Check whether the newly installed valves are working properly. If there seems to be a problem with the part, try to take it out again and repeat the installation problem. If nothing improves, have the vehicle checked by experts in case there are other damages.

    Tips and warnings

    • Using hand gloves is also an option if you don't want to risk getting hurt while installing the check valve. But if you are more comfortable working with your bare hands, there is also no problem with that.

    Air Inject Check Valve Articles

    • An air inject check valve, with its two openings, plays a vital role in preventing backflow and making sure that fluid enters and comes out of the valve in one direction. However, consumers sometimes find it difficult to get the most efficient check valve in the market because of the variety of brands available. To help you come up with a wise decision, we reviewed two bestselling check valve brands: Motorcraft and Tomco.


      The Motorcraft brand is precision-engineered to improve the overall performance of vehicles under the Ford, Lincoln, and Mercury lines. Although the brand also offers check valves that work for other car models, Motorcraft items are most recommended for consumers who are using Ford vehicles given that the brand is developed by Ford Motor Company. Tomco's check valve carries a more generic specification, which allows it to easily fit and function for plenty of other car models.

      WINNER: Motorcraft and Tomco

      Seal tightness

      Tomco features an elastomeric O-ring on each of the check valves it manufacturers, which ensures a tight seal for practically any kind of vehicle. The valve is capable of giving a gas-tight seal or a metal-to-metal seal that prevents leak on the system. Motorcraft's check valve, however, uses a more unique version of the seal that works best for Ford models.

      WINNER: Tomco


      Motorcraft offers its air inject check valve within the price range of $40 to a little less than $200. Tomco models, on the other hand, Tomco products are priced way cheaper at about $30 on average.

      WINNER: Tomco

      The verdict

      Although Motorcraft is the more popular brand between the two, we find Tomco's air inject check valve to be a better choice than the check valve from Motorcraft. Both brands have proven to be efficient and capable of improving the overall performance of the vehicle. We observed that the two check valves are durable, uses non-corrosive materials, and can perfectly resist abrasion. At the same time, both brands follow the specifications that are closest to the original parts, which make them perfect candidates as replacement parts. However, we think Tomco's check valve could cater to more consumers than Motorcraft. Also, Tomco's is more affordable and the price could still go lower through discounts.