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Want to boost your horsepower and torque? One way to do so would be to increase your airflow. Get equipped with an Airaid Intake System. Airaid Intake System is especially designed to take full advantage of today's vehicle technology. It is guaranteed to make your car's performance a success story with its latest dyno-proven techniques and innovative designs. Airaid Intake System improves the intake system efficiency, resulting to a greater horsepower output.

The key to having a good performance level for your car is to give it a clean air to mix with the fuel. This would allow a better combustion that means increased power. Airaid Intake System delivers this requirement with its mandrel-formed and larger tubing. Furthermore, it has a powder coating inside and out that smooths out airflow and allows for a greater flow -- while being protected against the harsh environment. On top of that, it also gives a better look for your car. Airaid Intake System does not only give your car a great performance but also an absolutely head-turner aura.

Airaid Intake System installs in only about 30 minutes with ordinary tools and without the need for drilling or any other type of modifications. Knowing that the Airaid Intake System would last more than a lifetime, it is backed by a Lifetime Warranty. Together with your Airaid Intake System, you'll get a tuned, matched air box, air filter and an intake duct that's all geared towards increasing horsepower.

Do the math now and see how smart an Airaid Intake System is than simple, less expensive upgrades that can't really give the same results. Use an Airaid Throttle Body Spacer and Airaid Air Filter too for better performance. Add to your cart now and be smart/

Airaid Brand Articles

  • Tips on Buying Airaid Intake & Throttle Body Spacer

    The specific design of the Airaid Intake System allows you to enjoy the full benefits of today's auto technology. The story of Airaid's performance is extremely easy to believe. The product was manufactured with the most recent techniques and designs. These techniques and designs allowed a greater amount of air intake into the system. This greater amount of efficiency resulted in a larger horsepower.
    Airaid possesses direct replacement filters. These filters contain stainless steel with makes them very strong. The Airaid cold air filters are standard replacement filters that have been manufactured. Airaid also contains S.S. mesh, which is the industry's best filter material. These five layers of material have the ability to filter some of the finest dust and dirt particles. Therefore, by using steel and urethane, Airaid can offer a "No Hassle Warranty" as a result of its efficient filtration.
    These are common specifications of the Airaid filters: The new QuickFit air intake system for the H3 was developed by Airaid engineers, who were able to release the horsepower and torque within the inline 5-cylinder when they created this system. The flow of air is improved by 37% due to this new system. This happens as a result of combining cold air that is coming in with cold outside air. The engine's heat is prevented from reaching the intake charge by the Cool Air Dam. The SynthaFlow filter is one of the most important areas of the new H3 system. This filter allows the highest flow of air and filtrates at sizes of two microns. A 37 percent improvement in the flow of air is achieved with the new H3 system.
    The new QuickFit series from Airaid is easy to install. It contains the Airaid Premium Series high-flow air filter. This high flow filter covered by the Cool Air Dam or CAD. This outstanding filtration system combines the layers of cotton gauze with SynthaFlow. However the torque, the amount of fuel that is efficiently used, and the power are increased by the Poweraid Throttle Body Spacers. The "Helix Bore" of the Throttle Body Spacer is responsible for the rotating incoming charged air as it flows into the throttle body. The combustion chamber further becomes charged leading to an increase in efficiency and power. As a result the Airaid Poweraid Throttle Body Spacer can increase its horsepower.

  • Choosing the Right Airaid Product, For the Right Job

    Your engine is ready for an Airaidfilter, that is. More airflow equals more power and torque, which means more fun for you!

    Five layers of filter media mean an Airaid filter traps more dirt more of the time, protecting your expensive engine components

    Taking the Airaid concept one step further, an Airaid intake system delivers cold, fresh air to your manifold for even more power gains

    Put some spin on your intake air with an Airaid throttle body spacerbetter fuel mixing and a more complete burn is the result

    The name Airaid intake system' should be the first clue that the Airaid intake system isn't just a high-flow filter stuck on the end of a tube. Anyone can do that, and unfortunately, that's just what a lot of companies have done. The Airaid intake system, on the other hand, consists of a tuned, matched airbox, air filter, and intake duct that are designed to work together for one common goal: To increase horsepower. Of course, the Airaid intake system has to start somewhere, and the logical place is with the proven Airaid filter, a washable, reusable, high-flow air filter. Then, on the Airaid intake system, that filter is attached to either an injection molded replacement airbox or a mandrel bent powder-coated intake duct (depending on application). Here's an example of the attention to detail on the Airaid intake system: The duct is powder coated not just on the outside, but also on the inside. Why? To smooth out airflow, of course. Clamps and bands for installation of your Airaid intake system are included in the kit, so you have everything you need to bolt on up to 18 additional horsepower with no other modifications. Do the math, and try to find an easier, less expensive upgrade that offers you the same kind of power boost that the Airaid intake system provides. Then come buy your Airaid intake system right here.

    Your Airaid filter is kind of like a five-layer cotton sandwich between two pieces of stainless steel mesh bread. Doesn't sound too appetizing? Well, your engine is hungry for it. That's because the Airaid filter design flows a ton of air versus factory replacement paper air filters. But it's not just about airflowafter all, no Airaid filter at all would flow a lot of air, but you wouldn't want to run that way. The cotton media in an Airaid filter combines tightly-woven strands with multiple layers of cotton to trap dirt without restricting airflow. That's the keymany filters can do one or the other, but not both. The Airaid filter features enough media that even as dirt particles begin to build up, airflow doesn't suffer. And when you clean your Airaid filter, you're back to like new condition again and ready to go. Airaid filters come with a lifetime warranty to prove their longevity, since the stainless steel mesh will never corrode and the Airaid filter media is safely tucked in between it. There are a ton of model-specific Airaid filter applications for domestic and imported vehicles, and there are also several universal-fit Airaid filter styles made. That allows you to design and build your own custom air intake around the premium, high-flow Airaid filter of your choice.

    Have you ever heard of vehicle engineers talking about combustion chamber swirl in an engine? Swirl is something engine designers love to see, and it's the real reason for the design of the Airaid throttle body spacer. See, the more mixing of the air and fuel that can be achieved in your engine's combustion chamber, the better the chance of burning the full charge. One way of aiding swirl is by inducing it in the intake air, which is where the Airaid throttle body spacer comes in. The Airaid throttle body spacer features a precisely machined helix in the bores. As air is sucked into the engine by vacuum, it encounters these helix ridges in the Airaid throttle body spacer and begins to swirl at high velocity. The swirling air is pulled into the combustion chambers of your cylinders and continues to swirl as fuel is added and the plug fires, aiding in complete combusion. More power, better gas mileage, and lower emissions are the result, all thanks to the Airaid throttle body spacer. The Airaid throttle body spacer is a great addition to make in conjunction with a cold air intake or a high-flow air filter installation, since the combination of the Airaid throttle body spacer and the additional airflow really give a nice power boost. But don't take our word for it: Order an Airaid throttle body spacer for your vehicle and try it for yourself.