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Intake Tube by Airaid

If you're looking to replace only some components of your air intake system - rather than the entire system from the ground up - one of the most important purchases you can make is an Airaid MIT Intake Tube. Sure, changing out your entire air intake system will definitely give you great improvements in engine function and horsepower - but it will also cost you a good deal of time and money.

Still, you can get some truly great gains in capacity and efficiency with smaller, less pricey changes. An Airaid MIT Intake Tube (a modular intake tube) can be installed as a replacement component on its own - without necessarily fully replacing the air box and other major components of the air intake system.

With a modular intake tube from Airaid, you'll get all the great features of an intake tube you would get with a full replacement system. A wide diameter will allow much more air through the tube at a time, and gentle bends will allow for obstruction- and restriction-free movement of air from start to finish. More air means more combustion - and that's a good thing. Plus, an Airaid MIT Intake Tube is constructed from cross-linked, high-density polyethylene tubing and has a smooth inner surface in order to guard against heat from the engine compartment.

You want the air entering your engine to be cool (thus allowing for a greater density of oxygen) - which is why heat-reducing features are so great in an intake tube.

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