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Is braking a major concern for you and your car? You no longer have to worry how. Akebono has all the answers about your braking problems.

Among major problems in braking systems are the undue noise and resonance. This problem resonates through your whole system, through the clamping forces on the rotor together with the pad movements in the caliper and even the run-out of the disc. Another problem is brake wear and brake dust.

Every Akebono product is engineered to significantly reduce all these problems. Akebono Brake Pads are manufactured with high friction accompanied with a low rotor wear. These two features are apparently mutually exclusive in its design goals. Akebono Brake Pads are equipped with extraordinarily low dust production rate. Stock pads come in the normal low dust production rate but Akebono Brake Pads have an exceptional dust generation for a high-performance friction component.

Akebono's braking power can not be questioned. Installing Akebono Brake Pads can assure you that you are getting an exceptional stopping distance in an organic pad which has a minimal amount of abrasive metallic material in the compound. A test showed that Akebono Brake Pads have better wear characteristics than other premium semi-metallic competitors. This proves that Akebono Brake Pads are both stable in high heat situations and can further maintain friction properties mile after mile. Braking problems are not a big issue just as long as you know how to handle them. And when it comes to braking problems, Akebono is the one name that can be trusted.

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  • Tips on Buying Akebono Brake Pads

    The OEM suppliers worked closely with Akebono to manufacture brake and brake pad products. The resulting products had better noise, vibration, and harshness abilities. The function of the Akebono brakes and brake pads has improved using the various friction materials available to the company. Another company's brake friction material can be used as well. The Akebono Production System (APS) produces the strictest brake standards and specifications. These standards and specifications are used in all levels of the manufacturing of brakes and brake pads. What this translates to be the some of the best vehicles in the world use the Akebono brakes for their equipment. The friction materials from Akebono have also been shown to cause reduced abrasion to the rotors. This causes less wear and tear to your vehicle as well as a reduction in the variation of disc thickness. The Akebono brakes and brake pad products also reduce the amount of hard raw materials used in the production. As well as reducing wheel dust due to the type of friction material used.
    The strength of Akebono is seen in its friction materials for the brake and brake pad products. The raw materials used produce the right combination to ensure the best performance of your brake disc pads and linings. Increased safety and durability is achieved with the Pro Act ceramic disc brake pads. These brake pads also produce less noise and dust.
    Many European drivers will enjoy the brake pads by Akebono that will protect their car's wheels from dirt and dust. The ceramic brake pads amazing stopping ability is seen the "EURO" pad line by Akebono. These brake pads also increase the life of the rotor and eliminate dust on the brakes. For the past twenty years, the original equipment standard or OE was used in any cars automobiles in the Western hemisphere. This OE is Akebono Ceramic Technology (ACT), which is used by OE manufacturers from Europe who want Akebono products for their automobiles from the Western hemisphere.
    The "Tuner" and "Enthusiast" owners can purchase the Akebono brake pads that are just right for your wheels. These brake pads are dust free and allow the some of the strongest stopping strength available. The ceramic brake pads can also compatible with slotted or standard rotors. The Aftermarket brake disc pads by Akebono are made of the same high quality materials, standards, and specifications that are used to manufacture the OE ceramic brake pads. The ceramic brake pads by Akebono are such an excellent quality that everyone will be pleased with then and decrease repair shop visits.

  • Akebono: Precision & Technology

    Are you confident in your vehicle's braking power? Family Car offers Akebono parts to boost your vehicle's braking power and improve your safety.
    Your driving safety greatly depends on your vehicle's ability to brake. Sudden brake failure on the road can result in accidents and grave injuries. This is why you should always make sure that your vehicle's braking system is performing at its best. If your vehicle is equipped with an Akebono brake system, however, you don't have anything to worry about.
    Founded in Japan in 1929, Akebono is a company that specializes in automotive braking systems. When it comes to manufacturing brake parts, the company implements the Akebono Production System (APS) that ensures that all parts will come out without defects and function according to OE standards. Just installing this brand's brake pad set in your vehicle can do wonders for your vehicle's braking capability. The company's complete line of brake friction materials and premium brake assemblies, including drum brakes, brake calipers, and brake discs, are trusted worldwide by automakers and brake suppliers. The brand's products are designed to fit a wide variety of vehicles, from motorcycles and sedans to SUVs and light trucks.
    The company's 75-year experience in brake design is a testament to its reliability. And with the leading auto makers such as Ford, Isuzu, Mitsubishi, and Nissan as the company's customers, you simply can't go wrong with this brand. So if you need replacement brake parts, you know your best option. Smooth, noiseless, and solid braking-this is what you get from premium Akebono parts. Family Car offers these parts at the right price. Browse through our catalogs to see them/

  • Choosing the Right Akebono Product, For the Right Job

    Brake vibration and noise can be significantly reduced with Akebono brakes

    If you're tired of the dust and noise from cheap brakes, upgrade to Akebono friction materials

    You don't have to sacrifice your rotors to achieve good stopping when you select Akebono brakes

    By carefully combining organic and metallic brake compounds, Akebono brakes can provide short stopping distances without increased rotor wear

    Your vehicle's brakes are one of the main trouble spots as far as noise, vibration, and harshness are concerned, and Akebono brakes intend to do something about it. Between the clamping forces on the rotor, the movement of the pads in the caliper, and even the runout of the disc, your non Akebono brakes instill some unpleasant resonances into your vehicle's structure. Since reducing noise, vibration, and harshness is a huge priority for vehicle manufacturers, Akebono brakes has teamed up with the OEM manufacturers on a number of cutting-edge hardware projects and developed new Akebono brakes that seriously reduce the amount of NVH induced by calipers, rotors, and drums. As a result, the OEMs love Akebono brakes, but you don't have to buy a brand new car to get Akebono brakes on your car too. Retrofit Akebono brakes make a great choice if you have an older high-performance car that just doesn't have the kind of braking performance you're accustomed to, and has high NVH levels too. The addition of Akebono brakes along with Akebono brake friction materials can provide the stellar combination of stopping power and quiet operation that you've been seeking. Best of all, Akebono brakes aren't priced into the stratosphere like some of the competitors, so for a performance value, be sure to explore Akebono brakes for your ride of choice.

    There's a Holy Grail in brakes, and the Akebono brake pad seems to have found it. We're talking about high friction with low rotor weartwo apparently mutually exclusive design goals, or so everyone thought. But with an Akebono brake pad, you can achieve exceptional stopping distances in an organic pad that actually has a minimal amount of abrasive metallic material in the compound. So, it stands to reason that an Akebono brake pad lasts about forty miles, right? Wrong. In test after test, the Akebono brake pad had as good or better wear characteristics than the premium semi-metallic competitor, proving the Akebono brake pad was both stable in high heat situations and that it could maintain its friction characteristics mile after mile. All right, then, the Akebono brake pad must generate dust like a volcano. Nope, wrong again. The Akebono brake pad actually has an extraordinarily low dust production rateit would be low for a stock pad, but the Akebono brake pad has truly exceptional dust generation for a high-performance friction component. With all these extraordinary features, it stands to reason that the Akebono brake pad would sell itself. But just in case it doesn't, we're here to tell you that if you want new friction materials that seem to defy the laws of physics, you'll love having an Akebono brake pad set on your vehicle.