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Brake Pad Set by Akebono

With over 70 years of work and engineering in the land of braking systems, Akebono has developed a system of design and production that results in some of the greatest brake components out there - including Akebono Ceramic Pads.

If you've ever installed replacement brake pads in your vehicle that were of a lower quality, you know that the noise, vibration, and general harshness they produce can be a frustrating nightmare. Installing new components should result in a better-functioning car - not a more problematic one.

It is for this reason that Akebono has developed ceramic brake pads using some of the same research and techniques that produce the ceramic shields used on space shuttles (the idea being that if it's good enough to get a space shuttle through the earth's atmosphere, it's probably good enough to stand up to the heat and stress of your car or truck's brakes). Akebono Ceramic Pads will reduce noise, provide a better fit with your rotor, and reduce the accumulation of dust - meaning that these ceramic components can effectively combine the best features and performance characteristics of both organic brake pads and metallic brake pads.

Many new vehicles today are engineered to function best with ceramic brake pads - which is why replacement pads made from metallic components can result in poor function and plenty of noise and roughness in the system. This problem is easily solved by installing a set of Akebono Ceramic Pads in your vehicle today. You'll love the quality and function you get from these well engineered components.

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Akebono Brake Pad Set Articles

  • Akebono Series: Pro ACT

    Akebono Brake Pad Set

    Your brake pads are essential to the continued performance of your brakes. Therefore, it makes sense to not only maintain the condition of your brake pads, but also to ensure that you are using the best possible pads for your vehicle. If you are looking for an alternative to conventional pads, you may want to consider Akebono Pro ACT brake pads.

    Unlike traditional friction brake pads, Pro ACT brake pads are ceramic pads that come with a number of advantages. Since the ceramic composition of the pads produces far less dust than other types of pads, your wheels and tires stay cleaner, and brake rotor wear is greatly reduced. In addition, Akebono Pro ACT brake pads' ceramic technology reduces the vibration, harshness, and brake noise found with other aftermarket brake components.

    With Pro ACT brake pads, you can enjoy the confidence of a consistent pedal feel. They feature smooth, ultra-quiet braking performance with an initial effectiveness that does not require a break-in period, so you can start to feel the difference as soon as you install them.

    Akebono Pro ACT brake pads are harmonically dampened and feature a powder-coat finish, and have a high resistance to brake fade. You can pick up a set of Pro ACT brake pads that is designed for your specific vehicle make and model, so you can install and use them with confidence. Ceramic brake pad technology delivers high performance and a longer lasting pad for your all-important braking system. Check them out the next time you need to replace your pads.

  • Akebono Series: Street Performance

    Akebono Brake Pad Set

    When you drive a high performance vehicle, you have different needs than other car owners. Owning a great car or truck comes with plenty of responsibility - and an enthusiastic driver can and will spend plenty of time and money on tuning and customizing the vehicle to get and keep it in peak condition.

    When it comes to your braking system, then, Akebono Street Performance Pads are the way to go. Like all great Akebono brake pads, performance pads are made from ceramic materials. While many replacement brake pads out on the market today are manufactured from metallic or organic components, the vast majority of vehicles are designed with ceramic brake pads in mind - meaning that the installation of great Akebono ceramic pads can be the key to safe, secure, and great-functioning brakes.

    New ceramic brake pads will help you increase your braking power and reduce brake noise - great offshoots of any modification to your vehicle. Akebono Street Performance Pads offer a step up from Akebono's ProACT and Euro series. You'll find that your street performance pads offer virtually dust-free braking as well as extreme stopping power in any and all conditions and circumstances.

    Plus, the formulation of street performance pads is specifically designed to be friendly to rotors, meaning you can reduce the wear and tear on your valuable rotor surfaces. With Akebono Street Performance Pads, you'll be in the shop less and out on the road more - and that's always a good thing.