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There’s no better way to improve your vehicle’s stability and handling performance than to equip it with a top-of-the-line suspension system. If you’re looking for suspension components that can deliver a smooth ride even when driving over deep road ruts and large speed bumps, then you need look no further than Aldan American.

Aldan American is a trusted manufacturer of precision suspension control components that promise to solve every driver’s handling dilemmas. It boasts an extensive product line, which includes suspension springs, coilovers, and lower mounts. Whether you own a street rod or a classic truck, you can count on Aldan American to provide the right products for your needs.

Aldan American Brand Articles

  • What You Need to Know About the Aldan American Lower Mounts

    Are you looking for a way to ensure that the components of your car’s suspension system are securely held together? Keep in mind that a loose part may lead to frustrating handling problems and life-threatening accidents. You can easily avoid untoward mishaps by outfitting your vehicle with high-grade lower mounts from Aldan American. These components possess the same outstanding quality and efficiency that the company’s other products is also known for. With a lot of manufacturers offering this suspension part in the market, choosing the best one may get quite confusing. To help you out, here are some reasons why you should consider getting the Aldan American lower mounts:

    What makes them awesome: Aldan American’s expertise in producing suspension components enables it to fully understand that even the small and seemingly unimportant parts matter when it comes to improving a vehicle’s ride quality. This is exactly the reason why it goes to great lengths just to ensure that its lower mounts deliver the performance that every vehicle deserves. The attention that’s exerted into every production step of the Aldan American lower mounts is what sets them apart from the rest. These components are also constructed from high-grade materials, which give them the sturdiness that they need to capably withstand the rigors of everyday wear and tear.

    Are they easy to install: Installing Aldan American’s lower mounts is a task that you can perform without a professional’s help. You simply have to arm yourself with the owner’s manual and your basic automotive repair tools. Make sure that you read and follow the installation instructions to get your ride back on the road again in no time.

    Are they worthy of investing on: The Aldan American lower mounts are guaranteed to securely support the essential bits of the suspension system. Their exceptional quality and durability can help prevent various components from sustaining premature damage, ultimately saving you from unwanted repair and replacement costs. Considering the long-term savings that they could possibly bring, the Aldan American’s lower mounts are certainly worth investing on.

  • Getting the Proper Aldan American Coil Springs for Your Ride

    You should thank your car’s coil springs for the comfort that you’re taking advantage of every time you drive your vehicle. But aside from the convenience that these components bring, they’re also responsible for stabilizing your ride, as well as keeping it at a proper height even when you’re carrying heavy loads. Considering their essential role in your car’s entire suspension system, it’s absolutely important that you choose high-performance coil springs that are sure to satisfy your vehicle’s needs. The Alden American coil springs are good choices if you’re looking for optimum performance that’s guaranteed to last for a long time. Still doubting if they’re worth it? Then read on to find out more about these products.

    What makes them extraordinary: Aside from the fact that these coil springs are precisely designed, hand-crafted, and tested with the goal of producing a high-quality suspension component in mind, these products also stand out because of their availability in a wide range of dimensions. The Aldan American coil springs are available in lengths ranging from 6 inches to 12 inches. To further satisfy the needs of every customer, these components also come with a load carrying capacity of 100 pounds up to 750 pounds. To top it all off, these coil springs are offered in black and chrome finishes as well, effectively improving not just the ride’s performance but also its appearance. Whatever your coil spring needs may be, Alden American surely got you covered.

    Where do they fit: Aldan American prides itself on offering a wide array of product choices to satisfy the suspension requirements of different automobiles. From show cars and hot rods to trucks and customized chassis, there’s definitely an Aldan American coil spring to perfectly fit almost all types of vehicles. With a wide product catalog to choose from, you surely won’t be having a hard time getting the right the coil springs for your car.

    Are they worth the price: The price tag of the Aldan American coil springs doesn’t differ that much from those produced by other brands. Considering all the benefits that your vehicle can possibly get for a small price difference, there’s actually no doubt that these coil springs are a bang for your buck. You can never go wrong with investing on a product that’s guaranteed to give you long-term benefits.

  • Know More about the Aldan American Coilovers

    Coilovers are basically shock absorbers that are enclosed by coil springs. This type of setup brings about plenty of advantages that can drastically improve your car’s overall performance. Aside from enhancing the ride quality, these innovative suspension devices also allow you to control your vehicle’s ride height. All these benefits are exactly the reasons why it’s important for you to choose a coilover for your car wisely. You’d want to get one that’s sure to deliver its promises. If you’re looking into Aldan American coilovers but can’t decide if they’re worth the buck, check out some of these helpful details:

    What makes them stand out: Every coilover that comes out of Aldan American’s assembly line goes through a meticulous testing process to ensure optimum quality and efficiency. This strict quality check—coupled with the company’s dedication to produce products with durable construction and precise design—makes these coilovers stand out from the competition. The Aldan American coilovers are available for both front and rear suspension systems. What’s more, these coilovers also come with couple-, rebound-, and compression-type adjustments. The company supplies these components in non-adjustable varieties as well to ensure that it fully covers all the needs of its customers.

    What vehicles are they compatible with:The Aldan American coilovers are suitable for a wide range of vehicle uses including street rods, muscle cars, drag race cars, and classic trucks. The company even manufactures coilovers for customized chassis applications. Customers can also choose from different mounting hardware options such as bushing, bearing, and stud mounts to ensure that the coilover that they’re going to buy is truly compatible with their vehicle. With Aldan America’s extensive product lineup, there’s absolutely no doubt that you can find a coilover that’s well-suited for your car.

    Are they worth the buck: Although getting these components may set you back a considerable sum, it’s still highly recommended to invest on them instead of going for cheap and substandard ones. Besides, the guaranteed efficiency and quality of the Aldan American coilovers are commendable factors that really make them worth every buck.