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In the 13th film of the James Bond series called 'Octopussy', we saw James Bond (Roger Moore) trying to stop a train with a ticking bomb onboard. When he realized that chasing a train on foot was futile, he stole the fastest car in sight'a high-quality Alfa Romeo GTV6. James Bond and the GTV6 didn't disappoint as the topnotch tandem sped off desperately trying to shake off the Bavarian BMW police cars chasing him.While the exact scenario is unlikely to happen in everyday life, you've got to admit that if there's something to be said about Alfa Romeo vehicles, it's that these high-performance cars are definitely dependable. Of course, that's until you start forgetting to take your car to the garage for regular tune-ups and all-around auto maintenance. Even the best Alfa Romeo won't be able to sustain its performance without a little help from your side. So if you're dealing with a busted ride, it's time to invest in top-quality Alfa Romeo Parts.Now you're probably wondering, why bother going for OEM parts when you can get cheaper aftermarket components on the market? Well, it has to do with the quality of the parts you're buying. Alfa Romeo Parts, unlike random aftermarket auto units, are specially crafted to meet your vehicle's specifications for maximum part performance. These OEM components are also designed to give your car the exact-fit it needs to make your auto systems more long-lasting and efficient. With almost a century's worth of experience creating Alfa Romeo vehicles like yours, wouldn't you have more faith in Alfa Romeo Automobiles S.p.A. compared to some new aftermarket brand? Think about it.

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  • Closer Look at Alfa Romeo Automobiles

    The world of motorsports has been pioneered by the big names for decades, and the Alfa Romeo is definitely on top of that world due to its heritage of manufacturing top-of-the-line sports cars. Its legacy was marked as a milestone in 1910 when it produced the 24 HP. It was designed for the Italian marketit had a 4-liter, I4 sidevalve engine with a top speed of 100km/h. Customized for racing, the upgraded 24 HP led to the creation of the "Corsa" model. Its remarkable performance was noticed in a race called "Targa Florio" in 1911. Over the years, Alfa Romeo continued to impress auto experts with its entries in various races and competitions. The company even sponsored one competition, the "Alfa Grand Prix," to create a niche for the name of Alfa Romeo in motorsports.

    During the World War II, however, Alfa Romeo was riddled with different challenges. It had financial, legal, and operational troubles that needed the Italian government's intervention. Another failure came in the form of Project 13-61. In a risky attempt, the company tried to create its first front-wheel drive compact car under this project but financial and logistical problems caused it to be dropped. But this bump in the road did not hinder the company's success. Alfa Romeo rose to the occasion, and with the government's help, it still grew to become Italy's cultural icon. The brand name became synonymous with the winner of Grand Prix events from the years 1930 to 1970.

    Alfa Romeo was also able to produce astounding technological developments and advanced Alfa Romeo parts throughout the years. For example, the classic overhead twin cam four-cylinder engine was so popular; it was in production and development from the 1950s to the mid 1990s. It also came up with the first electric fuel injected systems in the Alfa Romeo 6C 2500 and mechanical variable valve timing found in the Spider. Following this tradition of quality engineering and mechanical design, Alfa Romeo has become a classic icon of motor sports.